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uh oh, that's like asking "which is better, Ford or Chevy?" :rolleyes:


I have the Explorist GC (there are several Explorist models now and I dont know which one you are considering) and really like it. It's just a Geocaching machine though and would not be real useful for a lot of other outdoor uses (hiking, hunting etc) due to the lack of detailed maps.

I also have an old Bushnell with topo maps that is better for hiking, but not very geocache friendly.

I've not used any Garmin units.


My suggestion is to read reviews on the net, but also look for an upcoming local geocaching event. Even if it is at a restaurant for dinner. Lots of folks bring their GPSr units with them and we love to show them off. That way you get a chance to see and try several and hear from live users.

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saying explorist is like saying Garmin. the real question is what is your price range so you can know how much bang for your buck.


as for the legend I cached with one and loved it...but it is a dinosaur! Paperless caching is the way to go, and with the price of some of the entry models like the Dakota 20 and used units since a few folks got GPS's for Christmas price is the #1 factor. Help us, Help you.

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OK I just saw this http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000CSOXTO?tag=geocachingcom-20&camp=15309&creative=374845&linkCode=st1&creativeASIN=B000CSOXTO&adid=1YPFPE2ER97ES8415FCD


the 60csx is king of GPS's that are not paperless you can get a used oregon 300 (paperless) for 200 shipped to you. I would go that route. As for any Garmin GPS I would not buy one that is not a "X" model since you will be limited to 24mb of maps and that is not alot. If you go with Garmin look for free maps here gpsfiledepot.com also the 300 is able to do the new chirp cache and send caches to other dakota/oregon/colorado gps's


My choice is go with newer technology http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=264404


as for explorist ? I'm a garmin man

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