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Profile Page is way off. I need help!

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I made the window containing the profile page larger, and everything popped back into place. I then made the window smaller and the misalignment reoccured. Continuing to shrink the page caused it to pop back to normal again.


Bottom line: It happened to me in a narrow band as I continued to enlarge and shrink the screen. Weird.

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Change your zoom setting back to 100% from the current 110%.


That should solve your problem.

Mine was at 100% and my page was misaligned. It's not a problem for me, but there must be something else that causes this situation.

The problem is almost certainly a problem with your browser and not with the website. Most likely reasons: up or down scaling by the browser or the OS video driver (125% font setting in XP for example). It can also be due to your browser displaying the wrong font (rare). It's also possible a plugin or BHO can be messing with the page layout.

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