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Mardi Gras Masquerade Multi Event


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OK, let me show you my new displays, which arrived from laserlogoshop.com today:






I have decided to go for a bit different picture in the background. Mario from laserlogoshop has printed a mardi gras mask instead of a scenery from Venice. He also proposed to print the masks mirror inverted, which was a very good idea, I think. I have implemented the pins myself by carefully drilling two holes with 1,0mm diameter (0,90 or 0,95mm might have been even better).

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I'm going to resurrect this thread to ask a 2-part question:

(a) Does anyone want to identify him/herself as the Lucky Recipient in possession of the elusive all-black Version D sample coin (known alternatively as the Lump of Coal edition)?

(b) Is there any chance that this one-of-a-kind coin will make an appearance at the upcoming Geocoinfest 2019 in Houma, LA? (because I would have to arrange to see it)

The last announcement I'm aware of was Avroair's May 18, 2011 post:  "All these samples were trackable and thrown into the mystery/random sample sales bin they have on geoswag, so I no longer have them (since a few people have asked)."

My interest in geocoins has waned in direct proportion to the decline of this forum, but this is one of 2 geocoin mysteries I still wonder about...

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