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Hi. I have an Oregon 450 with a heart rate monitor. Does anyone know if there is a way to see the HR details of a training? I download the gpx file at mapsourse, Garmin training center, sporttraks, Garmin connect and tcx. I can see all the tracks details except HR. The only thing I can see is the heart beets when I'm riding my bike. So is that possible or not?

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Well I did it. After trying almost every software (easy gps, gpsbabel, sporttraks, garmin training center, tcx) I found the way to see the HR analysis on my pc. The solution was much simpler than I could thought. I changed the interface connection of the device, from Spanner to Serial and then restart the device. The first window that appears is the gmapsupp archive. Close it. The second one is the internal memory folder. I opened it and found the original gpx. Every other software I used to download the gpx, is filtering - cutting (I don't understand why) the HR data from the gpx. So what I did next was to just copy and paste this gpx on my pc and then import it to where ever I wanted eg sporttraks, Garmin connect. The HR analysis was there with every detail I wanted.

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