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A Brief Intermission

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Check this out. Along with the new site updates it looks like Groundspeak has found a way to stop (or at least slow down) automated data retrieval from their servers.


They explain it in the Knowledge Books under 13.12. A Brief Intermission


and this is what it looks like:




If you are not human it looks like you'll get a binary response of:




Which says "please stop abusing the features of this site"

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Yes and this annoying 60 sec delay pops up when I'm trying to grab my PQs :blink:


And I waited my 60sec, completed the captcha and it has now reset and giving me another 60sec wait before being allowed to try the captcha again ;) And again!

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After closing and then reloading Firefox the site stopped redirecting to that page, though I'm not sure if that was what fixed it or if it was just a coincidence. I had more than one tab open, one on the new beta map, another on the forum, and another trying to look at a cache, so perhaps the site saw all the extra connections and assumed I was a bot or something.

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