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Redeveloping archived EarthCaches


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I share your concern joranda, but in the absence of definitive proof of such abuse, there seems very little cause to take such action, as Brad W pointed out in the related Closed Thread. As was pointed out, there may be legitimate reasons to backlog a Listing, and to penalize the Community over a single case is unwarranted.


Although I admire the Don Quixote aspects of the subject of these Archived Listings, I'm afraid that it is beginning to take on less admirable Trolling aspects, given that the subject has been hashed out pretty well. Perhaps private emails to Grounspeak will yield a definitive answer for you and other Community members that appear to have a vested interest in the subject.


I wish you all the best of luck. Please report back on the resolution.

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I would agree that airing the dirty laundry, so to speak, in a Public Forum is completely uneccasary and rarely yields the desired results. Proof is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder. Yet there are many examples of articulate persuasion being more than sufficient in some cases.


I'm firmly convinced that publically debating the issue will do more harm than good in reaching your goal.

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Archived EarthCaches of any banned member should be lock cause there is no way of them to be propery taken care of. Any armchair bandit can log them as a find. There is no one to send the answers to. No one to check to see if the answer are right. Is this the right way to log finds? Does Groundspeak promote that this is the way to play? Geoware can you tell me how this promotes ECs when now the answers don't even matter on ECs like these.


I totally disagree with your position. The topic is redeveloping the archived ECs which I am sure will never happen in its entirety, but to lock them because of the perceived abuse of a few................NO WAY! Thank God GS has a policy of not locking archived caches unless there is significant abuse! One or two smart a__es bending the rules doesn't constitute massive abuse of the caches. Sorry but I stand on what I have repeatedly said, "why punish all of us?"


P.S. Sorry touchstone if my persistence offends you, but giving up early has never gained significant goals. Maybe it's a done deal and I expect you are right, but on this forum, I have a right to plead the case without offending anyone! If in your eyes I am Don Quixote so be it. Crank up the windmill!

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