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Is this a Travel BUG??

Team Maximus
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I recently found what I believe was intended to be a sort of travel bug however maybe unofficially....there where no tags attached. I am wondering if anyone else has found something like this or if they have heard about this guy "Finian the Flying Leprechaun".


Please see my log here. There you will find pictures and a description of the find.


==Team Maximus==

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Looks to me like a Hitch-hiker.


Nothing wrong with that, I guess, just the owner won't be able to track it across the geocaching.com website, like you can with "proper" Travel Bugs



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Does he have an email address or anything attached to him so you can tell the owner where you're moving him to? The early hitchhikers had to improvise and come up with their own method of tracking. This hitchhiker has his own cache page, so he's more of a travelling cache, and the owner just keeps the page updated whenever he moves.



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The pictures at the link above show pretty much everything. There is no email address or anything to keep track of his travels...That is what struck me as strange...I just don't see why anyone would want to release a hitchhiker that they would have no way of keeping track of. The hitchhiker simply has a message on him asking the finder to help Finian get to his destination of Gogarty's pub at the corner of Fleet and Anglesea in Dublin, Ireland.


==Team Maximus==

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