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(another) paperless caching question

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After reading through dozens of forum posts, my eyes are bugging out of my head and I still feel just as in the dark as I did before my retinas burned up. I thought I'd just ask what I'm trying to figure out and hope someone(s) can shed some light on all this for me.


I currently use a combination of my Palm Pre and an old, first generation, Garmin Etrex. My Etrex is frustratingly inaccurate, and although it has helped me to develop a keen geosense. :unsure: I'm ready to get something more up to date and with higher sensitivity. I'm also interested in getting a paperless GPS'r. I currently use my Palm Pre to download cache information, look up caches in a certain area, and other "paperless" GC tasks. The problem is that it usually has no idea where I'm at, and is mostly useless in finding geocaches and using the "find nearest cache" search. It does work great to be able to look up logs, hints, and other info, but I have to have cell coverage, and ideally 3G coverage.


As far as budget: i don't want to spend a dime over $300. I'm totally fine with buying used/refurbished etc... to do it too.


My first question is: Given my budget, am I better off buying a higher end, non-paperless GPS'r and keep using my Palm for the cache info? If so, I would need to know if anyone knows of an app that would work on the Palm Pre that would allow me to save cache information on the phone, as opposed to accessing it from the GC.com site as the current mainstream Palm app does?


My second question: if I'm going to get a paperless GPS'r (as I'm leaning toward now) what's going to be the best bang for my buck? I don't think I need a lot of bells and whistles as I only use my GPS'r for geocaching, although I wouldn't rule out ever using it for other stuff, if I could. I don't want to have to buy extra maps, but I don't mind having to download free ones. The main thing in a paperless receiver for me is to be able to look at hints, at least the last couple logs, and basic cache info.


I realize everyone has their own tastes and likes, but I'd love to know your suggestions for me and your reasons for it. Please, for my sake, keep any responses relatively non "techy". Thanks!

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buy a single paperless unit. no need to carry around 2 units like you currently are.


the oregon 450 is very nice and can be had for under your budget when it's on sale (as low as $249 in the US). it's touchscreen, so good or bad depending on what you like. wait for black friday (i think that's coming up for you guys down there) and see what comes up from REI or another large retailer (online or in-store) and buy one.


the Garmin 62 is also a nice unit (i'm using the 62s) but it will not accept memory cards, but has a decent built in memory with lots of room (at least for now) with about 2GB of built in space (1.7 after the software etc)


given your budget, i'd got with an oregon 450 and d/l some free legal maps.




OREGON 450 at REI, $349 currently, but watch for sales: here

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the dakota 20 is a good unit too...maybe a little cheaper than the oregon (maybe not depending on sales). its a little smaller and doesnt support Wherigo. It does paperless. I think its great. I upgraded to it from the etrex venture HC and I was using my blackberry for cache info. Having it all in one unit is so much better.


Well thats my $0.02 for what its worth

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