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Travel Bug exchange


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The general consesus (from my experience) is that bugs are a seperate game. So, no, when you take a bug you don't need to leave anything in exchange. And likewise, if you just leave a bug, you don't get to take anything either.




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Originally posted by Natureboy1376:

There was a past thread on this same topic, My feeling is you don't have to exchange an item, but i tend to anyways... It can't hurt if you do throw something in that cache...


Many time people will drop a travel bug off and take something. If the next person just takes the travel bug, then the cache has been depleted by one item. My line of thinking is to always leave more than you take, even if you're only taking a travel bug.


Granted, I've not always been successful with that approach, but that's what I try to strive for at all times. icon_biggrin.gif


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