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The first geocoins were created by Moun10Bike. Some geocoins are made to be tracked if you wish (e.g., Moun10Bike, USA, Texas, Oregon, Canada, Wanderingdragon), some are not intended to be tracked (e.g, Team FISUR, Crusso), some can be purchased (e.g., Green Man, Joy of Geocaching, USA, Texas, Canada), some are homemade (e.g., MountainMudBug, MJK, HeadLlama), some are wooden (e.g., GeoVamp, Big Bad Trucker, Bazzle), and some may be better described as geotokens (e.g., SpiderTracks). Some are tracked directly through geocaching.com (e.g., Moun10Bike, USA). For more information and more examples, see the Geocoin Designs section of our home page.




Rhode Island Geocaching

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