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‘Crazy Cederberg Caching Caper’


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Easter 2011 is going to be an extra long weekend.

We have decided to attack the Cederberg big caches and of course the others as well.

We are planning to leave home on Good Friday (April 22nd) and make our way up the N7 towards the Cederberg.

We will be in the area until approximately the 27th April.

We plan to do caches such as ‘Where Angels fear to tread’, ‘Tafelberg Plateau’,’ Table Top (Cederberg)’, etc.

We have already booked a farm house for the period and Battlerat and Pussycat have indicated that they will be joining us.

There are quite a few accommodation options on the farm where we will be staying.

Camping sites, private sites, a lapa which can accommodate a group of +/- 6 4x4’s with tents, rooms, and tented accommodation etc.

If you are interested in joining us for the ‘Crazy Cederberg Caching Caper’ please contact us so that accommodation can be organized well in advance.

Due to the extra long weekend starting on the 22nd April and ending on 2nd May (for 3 days leave you will have 11 days holiday!) we need to book really early as the area will be fully booked for that weekend!

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Trevor we will contact you soon.

The Huskies in the meantime have booked the lapa which looks a good place to hold a 'Braai Event' one of the evenings we are there.

Battlerat and Pussycat are in the old farmhouse with us. Here we will have fridge space and a private bathroom which our camping friends are welcome to use.

Spoke to Chantal at reservations yesterday and the area is filling up quickly due to the extra long Easter weekend.

There will be a 4x4 available to take cachers through to Wuppertal as well.

Anybody else wanting to join us should notify us soon.

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Spoke to Chantal at Cederberg Oasis this morning. There are only a FEW more places available. These places will only be held over for a few more days. If you do not book before early next week, you will lose out! Please inform them that you are with: the Kruger/Gouws group, otherwise

you will be informed there is no accommodation available.

The owners of Cederberg Oasis have been more than helpful and have offered to draw up hiking maps for us. You will not be so fortunate again!

For those of you who just wish to do the easy caches we are there to help you with those as well.

We were asked after the 2007 Rugby World Cup by CapeDoc when we would be organising another group effort. Well this is it!!!We have tried numerous times since then and the response has been dismal!

This is most definitely our last effort!

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