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Can you Solve a Mystery?

The Caching Place
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This contest was sent out via our newsletter yesterday. The contest is now over. The winners and puzzle answer is posted on our website. I thought I'd post it in the forum as well since so many of our readers had fun with it. Remember the actual contest has already ended.


Good luck and have fun in solving the mystery!


The following is a section of our newsletter that was e-mailed yesterday:


September 13, 2010





We have a Puzzle for you! Let's see if you can figure this out! First one to figure out the puzzle wins a new Pocket Decoder, second place earns a Jules Verne Mysterious Island Geocoin, and third place wins a It's a Geocacher's World Geocoin. The date stamp of the email will determine the time of the winning entry. Jim Berk will be the sole arbiter of the winner. Good luck to all!


Read the instructions very carefully, read them at least twice before you attempt to figure out the solution!



There are 9 letters of the English Alphabet that must be discovered. Once you determine the 9 letters you must form them into two (2) words. This can be a person, place or thing.



Hint: It has to do with Geocaching in 2010.



1. Take the last letter of the last name of the man given credit for creating the first true portable computer. This letter is part of the puzzle.



2. The motto of Captains Nemo's Nautilus has three words. Take the 5th letter of the first word. This is a letter in the puzzle.


3. Take the first letter of the last name of the first recorded person to use a magnetic compass.


Subtract 7 and match that number to letters of the alphabet. (for example 1 would be the letter "A"). This is a letter in the puzzle.


4. Take the second letter of the first name of the man most credited with developing the Global Positioning system (GPS). This is a letter in the puzzle.


5. Add the four digits of the year that the first GPS satellite was launched. Take that total and subtract 21 match the number to letters of the alphabet (for example 26 would be the letter "Z"). This is a letter in the puzzle.



6. Take the letters of the abbreviation for the first fully functional digital computer and add thier numeric values together then subtract 11. The letter that corresponds to that number is part of the puzzle.



7. The navigational device that has a "rose" . Take the third letter of that name and that is part of the puzzle.



8. What month and year was The Caching Place founded? Take the 5th letter of the month it was founded. This is a letter in the puzzle.



9. Take the last letter in the name of the line that is 0 degrees latitude. This is a letter in the puzzle.



Send your entries to jim@thecachingplace.com



If you have any questions email me at jim@thecachingplace.com I will try to give you a timely response.



Have fun!


The newsletter segment ended here.


If you have any questions regarding the mystery I would still be happy to assist you!







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