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Originally posted by worldtraveler: Now Simatai is a pretty fair distance from Hong Kong, and the search was a memorable one that I would like to include as part of my personal travel bug log. The near certainty that the cache has gone missing (no finds) should not, in my opinion, preclude me from logging the travel that actually took place.




I wouldnt have a problem with it, and personally it doesnt matter what I or anyone else thinks. Its YOUR travel bug and if the goal is to track you and your cache hunts, then it shouldnt matter if you actually found the cache or not, you did travel and search but I dont see why you cant log the miles.


One thing Ive noticed about Geocaching is that there are many types of people involved in the GAME, some play by a strict set of guidelines, while others make their own rules, Me personally...I view the whole Geocaching thing as a game and play it as such, if it wasnt fun I wouldnt be doing it, Im saying this because Im sure some people will view your logging the TB mileage on a unsuccessful cache hunt as cheating or a general feeling that "those miles dont count since he really didnt find the cache" but as I said before..its YOUR TB and you are the only person that knows exactly where its been and where it hasnt, anybody accusing you of cheating for logging the miles in a situation like yours needs to get a life!

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Here are the rules of GeoCaching as posted on the GeoCaching website.


What are the rules in Geocaching?


Geocaching is a relatively new phenomenon. Therefore, the rules are very simple:


1. Take something from the cache


2. Leave something in the cache


3. Write about it in the logbook


Where you place a cache is up to you.


As far as I know, everything else is just fluff. Granted, the fluff can make the game more interesting and fun, but there are really no rules beyond these that are really required to play the game.


Travel Bugs were introduced as a fun side activity to GeoHunting. There were no rules established that I can tell except to use your imagination and have fun with it.


Soooo ... use your imagination and have fun with it. I think this idea is a blast no matter how you want to use it. Personally I've just logged miles from find to find, but I can see the advantages of logging all your miles just playing the game finding the caches or not.


The way I figure it, the miles aren't going to be accurate anyway, unless you have wings, so do what you want.



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When I first saw this post I was excited, and I was going to use one of my bugs to track my milage. After reading the rest of this post, I think I'd have to agree that it would be much more simple to get admin to add a personal mapping feature. They already have it all set up for Bugs, so it shouldn't be much work to implement the same feature for Geocachers. I think using a Bug would just cause trouble. Besides, what about all the caches you've found before you activate your bug? People will get scads of emails that are completely redundant. Just my 2 cents.

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Make a route with all your finds with your mapping software. It should give your route distance. A simple screen capture uploaded on your geocaching page should suffice. The added benifit would be you could move the markers so they don't cover each other on the map. I'll play with it in the next few weeks and see if it is easly done. That way the TB can be free to travel my it's intended means.

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The Top 2 Most Travelled Bugs are personal bugs. For my way of thinking that sort of defeats the purpose, which is to track how much the bug moves, not the person. It's an easy matter to inflate distance totals with a personal bug.


On the other hand, who cares? It's not like you're hurting anyone...

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Originally posted by Rigour:

...that sort of defeats the purpose, which is to track how much the bug moves, not the person...

Actually, one of the legitimate uses specifically mentioned by Jeremy when he first introduced Travel Bugs was as a "personal travel log". As noted in an earlier reply, you can read the announcement here.



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Hence my use of the proviso "for my way of thinking...".


I should elaborate that people can obviously do whatever they want, but I consider it a bit artificial to just carry a bug and log where I go. The mileage becomes more of an accident of when caches are logged rather that where. But like I say, to each his own.

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It's not an accident that I head out Saturday morning to find the Rock Rat cache, then meander my way to the Dewey Dam cache. When I'm caching, I log the miles with my travel bug. When I go to Wal-Mart and Bass Pro Shops, I don't.


A personal travel bug is just another facet of geocaching and a way I can log the miles I travel while enjoying this pasttime.




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Didn't mean to bring back the dead (well, I guess I did :D ) I have a question about PTB's: it looks as if there is no way to go back and edit logs to drop off and grab bugs, is this practice no longer acceptable? (well, is it something that can still be done) I just wanted to track the family's miles as we played the game...



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The personal TB is a great idea


As for posting old notes, go ahead and do it. You can just delete the note at the cache page.


This geocaching game is mostly internal, in that its up to you how you want to play the game after the essentials are fulfilled, i.e. Find it, Log it, Take Something, Leave Something, Share your find online. I have a personal TB and I use it as I see fit and it brings enjoyment, doesn't infringe on somebody else's play and enjoyment so it can't be all that bad.

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