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Fargo, ND Cache Recommendation?

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Looks like the forum ate my posting...


I will be in Minneapolis later this fall, and was planning on making the (relatively) short drive up to grab a cache in North Dakota. No plans to be back up in that neck of the woods for a long while, so I figured I'd go for it.


Right now I am looking to grab Mr. R's Geography Class in Fairmount, only because it would be the closest cache. However, I am will to drive a little further (say to Fargo or Wahpeton) if there is a cool cache worth the extra drive.


So, anyone have any suggestions? Cool hide, great view? No long walks or difficult hides, please.


Thanks in advance!

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i have kinda followed your planning for your trip to KC and then to omaha. so when i saw this i was like doesnt he like RI? :unsure:


in june 2010 i moved back to IA (Cedar Rapids to be exact) i spent 18 yrs in Thief River Falls, MN. which is 50 miles from grand forks and 120 miles from fargo. 300 from twin cities.


so i spent alot of time in Grand Forks, ND as well as down in Fargo-Moorhead.

i am sure you have heard of a little river called The Red River of the North? it flows north as most rivers flow south.

i have only been caching since end of july so i dont have alot of seat time yet, but i figured there had to be an earth cache or more then one for the Red River. and there is.

this is in Fargo


this is in grand forks



it is an hrs drive from Fargo to Grand Forks. speed limit on I-29 is 75 and it is 72 miles plus through town to get to the river.


devils lake, nd is 90 miles (on 65mph roads) west of grand forks. they too have been in the news alot due to the rising lake as it has no outlet.


emerson, manitoba, canada is 82 miles north of grand forks (still on 75mph I-29). though a passport is needed to get across the border now. and i have no clue on caches there. just saying. you could add a country if ya had the time.


right now i am scoping things out so i can cache on the way back north and cache while up that way.


i am planning to go to Itasca state park near Bemidji to get the headwaters earth cache. and there are 2 of them there. i am a bit confused on this though.





i am sure you are wanting to go to ND to catch another state. but i thought i would mention some other things up there that i am aware of,

then again you might not be into earth caches. they interest me even though i have not done any yet.

only so much time in a day to do things.


on a side note. if you are going to be in fargo you might as well catch this waymark.


there is (was) one in cedar rapids. but it seems to be missing. idk if the floods of 2008 took it or what happened. in one of the logs it shows an empty location. i havent been down to check it out yet either.


according to what i found online there were alot of them in IA at one point.



i remember from the KC to omaha thread you were going to go to john wayns birthplace and i think to the covered bridges of madison county right?

idk how far out of the way this would be but it is also something cool that we are proud of in the midwest. it is a virtual too. and we know once they are done they are done.



hope this was some of some use to you



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if i come across any that might be of interest i will surely let ya know.

i am from boone ia which is 2hrs west of cedar rapids. so i would make the trip back and forth a cpl times a year.

the road between boone and cedar rapids is US-30. originally it was called the Lincoln highway. it went from east coast to west coast. http://www.lincolnhighwayassoc.org/ google it for more info. i have seen caches in PA for this highway. while it is not as known as route 66 or the pacific highway it is still cool and nostalgic in my opinion.

in MN there is also US-75 that is known as the historic king of trails. it goes from canada to TX. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Route_75

yes i like to drive. i hope one day to be able to drive freely as i please.

but back to what i was going to say.


before caching i would head south on US-59 from thief river falls, mn to fergus falls and get on I-94 to the twin cities. take I-494 around the cities and get on I-35 and that would take me to ames, ia. jump on US-30 and go west 15 miles to Boone. then reverse the trip.


now i am not sure what route i want to take between the places. after we started caching we decided we wanted to cache on the way to boone from cedar rapids. it is 120 miles and 2hrs. well 5hrs and over 160 miles later we made it.


the routes are plentiful that is for sure to go from here to there.


so there is a good chance i will scope out I-94 from the cities to fargo as well as scope out fargo when i make my trip north. if i come across any i will let ya know.

i have a trivial 119 finds so far so i do not have many caches to recommend. however i do have one in Pella, IA. though this is likely out of the way for you as well.




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One Fargo cache I have enjoyed recently is The Case Threshing Company (GC1EE9Z). The Lady Liberty cache (GC1XN4F) nearby is in an interesting location and the Red River EC (GC218F6) is also a fun place to explore.


Even though Fairmount area may be 30 miles closer, it may not necessarily be faster than following the interestate to Fargo. But, perhaps it will be more of an adventure?! Have fun!

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