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Luckily my employer is replacing our current company cell phones with HTC Evo phones next month. With all the talk I see around here about paperless caching, mobile logging, etc, naturally I am interested.


I know there is at least one app that isn't supposed to be mentioned, so aside from that one, which seems to be the best all around? I haven't decided yet whether I want to use the Evo as a stand-alone caching device or use it and my GPS together.


An even more important question: I am new to this type of phone ("app stores") and am not sure if apps can be installed manually. The problem is that as I mentioned above, this phone is provided by my employer and therefore I will not be able to just purchase an app since I assume the charge would normally go to the phone account. However, installing one manually would be an option. I ran across one free one that had instructions for manual installation. Are all apps like this? If I decide to go with the "official" app, is there a way I could buy it online and download the app file to my computer then transfer it to the Evo's "app" folder on the SD card?


I'll likely clear the installation of custom apps with my employer first but the phone will have unlimited everything and they don't have a problem with personal use of company cell phones (within reason) so I am not worried about data usage. I just know that purchasing an app directly through the phone will probably not be an option for me since I don't pay the bill, but again, I don't know how that works. :rolleyes:

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i like the app that isn't supposed to be mentioned. the official geocaching app seems to be the exact same except the price ($10)


if you want to purchase apps on your evo, then just create a google account and if you already have a gmail account you can use that. you can put your own info in to purchase and your employer will not be charged for it, it will go to your credit card instead.

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I may be biased, but Groundspeak's official Android app is great - easy to use, no worries about it breaking or having to download caches. Since it's Groundspeak's app, you don't have to worry about it breaking every time the website is updated. And of course, it supports the company that gives you the fabulous hobby. I've heard it doesn't work with specific providers or phones, so I'm not sure if this is the case for you.


http://www.geocaching.com/android/ for more info.

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