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I would love to attend the event, but I don't know how practically it is for me. I finish with a project on the Tuesday before this event where I drove around this beautiful country of ours for almost 10,000km, did quite a few caches on the way. But this event might be a bit short notice on my return from Ncome, so my question boils down to options. If the other event was maybe in March or some other month, then I could have decided to either do your event or do their event. It doesn't really matter which one, it only boils down to the fact that I've never been to Swaziland and would love for Geocaching to take me there[:D]. (I am defintely not chasing the numbers, I am chasing the caches though. Would have loved to be part of this for as long as what Jors has been, but for now I am thoroughly enjoying where this takes me)

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You are going to have a problem after your visit to Swaziland, no matter when you go. :)


My wife refused point blank to visit Swaziland at one stage. I had to negotiate turns around this issue. She then agreed to give it a try but with the agreement that if she does not like it then we turn around and we go home. This is fair and just so off we go. I stayed at Ermelo during that period so home was only about 2 hours away. At one stage we drove pass shacks and I asked her if she is fine. She confirmed and she said that she noticed that the people are greeting us everywhere we go and they are friendly. I showed her the country and she was quite impressed. Every turn we took had something new to offer. The weekend was too short for her and she enjoyed every moment of it. She is even thinking of retiring one day in this country if it is possible. I took my German wife away from her mountains and the black forest but it stayed with her.


This country is beautiful, it also have its bad parts and its own crises but so does every country.


You will a have problem – you are going to enjoy this country. Just get used to drive at 80 km/hr and do not get involved in the politics and all is fine. Gerhard

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The event for Swaziland is now in full swing. I was ready to publish my travelling plan but this is now subjected to change as a couple of easy caches will be planted by Jo.Jo-van. It will be nice to have a FTF in Swaziland.


As soon as the new caches are published then I will publish the travelling and cache hunting plan. Thanks for the extra effort to attract more cachers to cross the border, hopefully the new ones will help them. Hosta said that he will attend and I noticed that he is busy hunting caches in Swaziland so we could find him there. During this period we will attempt “The Gap”. It sounds like a fantastic cache. It also has a rating of 2/4.5 and it will fit nicely into my difficulty/terrain matrix on my stats.


I will stay for the weekend. My wife and daughter will not attend due to commitments. If you want to come along please feel free to contact me. I will not charge you any fees. I am leaving Gauteng on Friday at about 18h00 and I am heading for Ermelo for a sleep over, then it is Oshoek at about 07h00 on Saturday. (DV)



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Weather Forecast for Swaziland.




Hi – 27 degrees Celsius

Lo – 15 degrees Celsius


Numerous showers, mostly cloudy, but mild, we are in for some serious 4x4 drives that is for sure. I am bringing the winch and recovery equipment. All part of the fun. :P


Wind speed: 6.37 km/hr

Wind direction NE


Humidity: 86%


Comfort level: 28 degree Celsius

UV Index: Low

Percipation chance: 83%


Sunrise: 05:39 AM SAST

Sunset: 06:39 PM SAST

Length of day: 12 hours 59 minutes of caching

Moon Rise: 04:18 PM SAST

Moon Set: 02:14 AM SAST



Hi – 26 degrees Celsius

Lo – 16 degrees Celsius


Scattered showers, mostly cloudy but mild.


Wind speed: ??

Wind direction ???


Humidity: 90%

Comfort level: 27 degree Celsius

UV Index: Low

Percipation chance: 44%

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This is the plan (DV). It is not cast in stone and open for discussion and changes. In Swaziland you do not chase numbers as it is more about the location and the enjoyment of the location. However, we are striving to do the following caches. If you want to join please get me at the border at 07h00. I will drive a White Nissan Terrano 3 litre long wheel base with MP number plates. Not many of those around so you should find me easy. Just remember I will be moving fast; catch me if you can. Or else drop an e-mail and I will find you there.


Day 1: Saturday 19 Feb 2011.

• Arrive at Oshoek Border Post at 07h00.

• Go to Cache “3 in a row”

• Go to Cache “Mbabane City View 2”

• Go to Cache “Mbababane City View 1”

• Go to Cache “Malagwane Hill”

• Event Breakfast and Coffee, meet cachers if any.

• Hike to cache “Sheba’s breast”. (weather permitted and this one will take time, hike from Matenga Water falls, Allow for 2 hours 50 minutes, with thunderstorms this one will be skipped)

• Go to cache “Milwane 4x4”

• Go to cache “Execution Rock”

• Got to cache “Lusushwane Swimming hole revisited”

• Stay over at Malolotja Reserve and a barbeque the evening.

• This is a total of 9 caches which is quite optimistic.


Day 2: Sunday 20 Feb 2011.

• Up at day break.

• Quick breakfast at camp.

• We then set off for cache “The Gap”.

• Go to cache “Nyonyane Island”

• Go to cache “Njonyane Ranch”

• Go to cache “Mbuluzi/Pine Valley View”

• Go to cache “Stoneage artefacts”

• Back to Oshoek, border closes at 22h00. Should be there well before this.

• Back to Gauteng with roads from hell, travel will be slow due to potholes.

• This is a total of 5 caches for day 2 which is reasonable.


Hourly weather forecast, in graph form, quite useful:

Hourly forecast

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We had a great weekend and the caches were excellent. Even the weather was fine. I think all of us enjoyed the “rough it” with the 4x4’s. I will visit again sometime during this year.


I always state that one need to take your vehicle papers with you. This time I needed it badly. For interesting sake I include the following for cachers crossing the borders. I had no problem crossing the Swazi side at all. On my return trip I was immediately pulled to the one side at the RSA side. This is what happened. I always make a note of the proceeding and questions and I always prepare for any strange questions for the next crossing.


Q: Was this your first time in Swaziland?

A: No I done this trip a couple of times.


Q: Why?

A: Because it is country that is safe to visit and to enjoy.


Q: Can I see you driving license?

A: Yes, here it is.


Q: What do you for a living?

A: I am an engineer.


Q: Did you ever stay outside of RSA for a long period?

A: Yes, I did.


Q: Where did you stay?

A: In Germany for 3 months.


Q: We do not recognize this vehicle, where did you buy it; did you buy it in Germany?

A: I bought it in RSA at Rustenburg as legally sold by the first owner.


Q: Open the bonnet.

A: Ok.


Engine number and identification plate and vehicle disk is now checked for anything strange. Nothing was found and all the data is correct. Normally this is where it stops but this guy carried it further.


Q: This vehicle is not made in RSA?

A: Yes it is made in Spain, but it was legally supplied and imported by Nissan and sold as it is now as stock standard with no modifications.


Q: This is a 3 litre, did you change the engine?

A: No, it is as build by Nissan and sold by Nissan and as stated on the license disk and on the identification plate.


Q: Are you the owner of the vehicle?

A: Yes, I am the legal owner.


Q: Do you have the papers for the vehicle?

A: Yes, I have.


Q: Can I see it?

A: Yes, here are the copies.


Q: Why are you handing me copies of the papers?

A: The original ones are my property and you can look at them but you will not remove it from my hands, the copies is legally certified and you can confirm the copy with the original but you will not be handed the original as I am the owner of this legal document and it will not leave my possession. The copies are for your use.


Q: Are you the first owner?

A: No I bought it second hand from a person in Rustenburg.


Q: When was it first registered?

A: It is written and stated on the vehicle papers and you will find it there, unfortunately I can not remember as I bought it second hand. I also have the deed of sale of this vehicle and your copy is included. I also have the roadworthy certificate and you will note that it corresponds with the date on the vehicle disk and you will also find a copy of the receipt as proof of payments.


Q: Why did you pay so much for the vehicle?

A: That is the market price.


Ok, you can go. About 11 cars passed me and now it was my turn. Much more irrelevant questions were asked but it is not even worth mentioning.


I think if the paper work was not with me then I would have been in trouble. Then he is in control but with the paper work I am in control. When I arrived at the RSA gate he was looking for something to give me grieve. There is a clear record that this vehicle was temporarily exported to Swaziland and that it returned in the same state to RSA so there is no reason why he had to act this way. This guy had me in the eye. Maybe I looked stupid to him. But there was nothing that he could use to delay me. His attitude “Pull to this side” away from the others was clearly evident that he wanted to be in control and he wanted to give the single “whitey” trouble. The other guys crossing back into RSA had a quick engine and disk check and they were back in RSA. In cases like this take a deep breathe and talk slowly and keep you voice in one pitch. It bores them to death if they see you do not get upset. They will let you go as they do not get the feeling “I am in control”. It frustrates the hell out of them if you are prepared. I hope this is of value to someone – always carry your papers with you and keep copies in a separate file and stay calm. Somewhere at a border crossing you will find this type of character. Luckily it an exception to the rule and not the rule.


Dit was lekker maar nou is dit klaar.


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Short and sweet – the Africa trip is off for this year. Sorry guys it is postponed and not dead. :signalviolin::cry:


For those cachers that need more information I have included the book. I started at a new company on 1 March at Vulcania. This is my biggest engineering challenge and threat yet. I was head hunted and tested for about a week to determine if I have the ability to turn around this company from the edge of bankruptcy to a world leader in the next year. Normally this will take 3 to 5 years but they are targeting 1 year. For the next year there will be little sleep and a lot of nail biting and a lot of thinking and many people changes to get the right people in the bus. I have to succeed or I have to join the unemployment queue. It is that simple. If I make it then I am smiling all the way to the bank. If I fail then I am the one walking bare foot to the next cache with hunger pains. Only time will tell what is ahead. Unsure times are ahead and there is not footpath or markers through this jungle.


I cannot go on this “Out of Africa” trip during this period – my commitment to culture change will be in doubt if I leave the company for 2 weeks. Also I need to create a financial backup in case I do get fired. So after a lot of thinking and considering the options available to me we as a team decided to shelve it temporarily. One of my best friends is planning to buy a Pajero and he also would like this trip to be postponed. I can trust him and I know that he will go along. I received no commitment from any cacher/s to join us with this trip.


My own team is also changing their plans. Next year my daughter and wife will fly to Victoria and they will wait for me that side. Here they will join me and they will go back via vehicle to RSA. The planning is still going ahead. We are planning to visit the neglected 32 BN graves, soon these graves will be gone for ever; we will also show the position and layout of Fort Doppies which was also called Fort Ashes at one stage when a gas cylinder exploded. We are still considering extending the route to Malawi but at present this is just a thought and not a “must do”. For sure this trip will only be done once and never again.


Sorry but there is no options left. I am sad to postpone this caching trip but reality is a different concept that knows no boundary. G.

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Hi Gerhard


I still been thinking / talking a little abouyt the trip in June, but some work commitments would have made it difficult for me as well.

So the postponement is a good one, for us as well, as I would love to do this trip as well.


Lets see how it goes in 2012.

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