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Oh, this is just the dumbest question but...


Does anyone know how I can make my TB's chain shorter without ruining it? The bug I want to attach it to doesn't have anything to wrap the long chain around and I don't like the idea of that long chain hanging from it. I'm afraid it'll get annoying for people who might pick it up.


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Two solutions...


A) you can just take some wire cutters and clip the chain at the spot in between the correct "beads" - however, make sure it's not too short, as there's nothing that can get it back together...


But the simpler solution is:


B) Throw the chain away and go out an buy some electrical cable ties. These will hold your bug tag in perfect place.


Here's Batman with a cable tie around his waist.



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find the connector hold it opening down then push the two opssites side down toward each other. once the chain is apart. find a length that works for you and then just cut off the excess (between the beads) with a pair of wire cutters or since the chain is thin enough a pair of scissors should work. then just pop the end beads back in to the connector an push the chain away from the connector opening.



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