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*BaJo*'s Geocoin Sale! VHTF's

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We are going to sell all of our remaining coins.

If you are interested in one of the coins you can send us and message with the price that you are offering for that coin (each coin for an separate price please)!


All coins are unactivated! Shipping cost depend on the number of coins and where we need to ship to.


You can view pictures of most of the coins at geocoincollection.com by typing in the name!

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Hello my friend! Sorry, but I think the Mystery maker of Dutch Lion Mystery coin is asking in each paper that follows the coin (in the flip), not to be sold!


The paper says:

"Congratulations, you found a Dutch Lion mystery coin,

Please feel free to keep this coin in your collection, put it in an other cache or give it to another cacher.


don't sell this coin please."


The last is in red so we can see it! :D


The coin is not a trackable one in Groundspeak but it has its own site and you can log it there! So you can contact with the maker too!

I hope you got the OK from him to sell the coin! <_<


Please, do not think that I am judging you or anything ok my friend? :unsure: I just want to help... ;)


I see you have the Rhodes geocoin!! :D have you been here in Rhodes? :)

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Dear all,


We have recieved may reactions, but we have now to work first ;-).

In the Netherlands it is now 08.00 o'clock.


We will react this evening to every e-mail we got.

But one think to be sure: for these beauties in our collection we paid a lot to get them, and we want at least or money back.


We feel also sorry that we must sell this beautiful coins, which are really the best of our collection.

But we decided to stop with collecting coins.


Almost alle coins are also in a nice package.

Maybe this evening we will post some pictures to give you an idea.


If you any questions, please do niot hesitate to contact us.


Best regards,



from the Netherlands


<non-trackables removed by moderator

Sales of non-trackable geocoins are not allowed in these forums. >

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Dutch Lion is a non geocaching item? You probably mean it is not trackable, right? ;) The Dutch Lion is a very prety Geocoin!! :unsure:


I am so sorry that you are selling your coins! So, no collection for you anymore? :D


Will you updating the list so we can see what coins are still available? I mean after some coins are sold...

I believe this will help all the other cachers...


I wish I could place an offer but... <_<

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If you'd like to get your cost back on the coins, it would be very helpful to have a price list so we're not just shooting numbers into the dark. <_<

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we have put pictures of all the coins to the list.


We also emailed everybody who has send us an email. If you did not received an email, please inspect your spambox.

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