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Stolen Travel Bug


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I recently made a nice bug (eagle feather) from sterling silver not much cost but about 6 hrs work. The bug went from AZ to Hawaii then to Spokane, Washington where somebody removed the bug but left the tag. A fellow geocacher mailed the tag back to me when he found the bug gone (my request). I would like to use this tag again, do I change the name? How do I reenter it into the system? How can the geocacher in Spokane get it off his profile? Thanks JKHRD


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You can pull it back (grab the bug) from the current holder. That gets it off his stats - and no mileage accrued.


If it were me, I'd make something similar (but not as tempting) and send it back to the very nice cacher in Spokane to re-release. That way the travel bug could continue its journey. The cacher in Spokane can regrab it from you (still no miles) and then deposit it into the cache and the cache's inventory.



Chicago Geocaching

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You own the Travel Bug ID number...you can do whatever you want with it. That means you can change the entire Travel Bug settings - including giving it a new identity. Or you can find a Version 2 of your Travel Bug and re-release it back into the game.


To remove it from the cache page where it currently resides by 'Grabbing' it. (Create a NOTE on the cache page and grab the TB). Once grabbed, I suggest you place it in a temporary cache - The Travel Bug Graveyard is a good example. Do this again by creating a NOTE on the cache page and 'drop' off the TB.


Once you have a new TB ready for the ID number, regrab the TB from the Graveyard and Release it in the wild again.


A little messy, but apart from retiring the ID number altogether, thats the only other feasible way I can see you can reintroduce it back into the game again.


Have a look at my Cheeky, the geomonkey as an example


Best of luck.

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I wouldn't place it in the Travel Bug Graveyard. It would add extra miles to and from that cache's arbitrary location.


Oh wait. I just found out that the TBGraveyard is a locationless and doesn't have coordinates. Kudos.


No problems then, other than making sure you keep a record of the 6 digit code.


Remember though: if you start a new bug, it will have the miles and travels of the original bug as baggage.



Chicago Geocaching

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Yes, but the graveyard does still adds milage. I am haveing a tag returned to me also, I do not want to add the milage but I also do not want to delete the previous finds. May just delete the drop into the last cache since it only had one finder and he just dropped it into a local cache and then regrabbed him. If you delete the previous history, you also take away TB finds for previous finders. With mine, I just grabbed the tag back using the number, I have inventoried everything into an excel spreadsheet, or you could just enter the numbers from your copies until you find the proper one from the search page.

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Sounds like you have been given some good advice by the above fellow cachers.

I thought I would check out your bug and found that your image (actually both your bug's images) show the travel bug tag number in the photos. You might want to consider washing or erasing the number off your photos. It will prevent someone from logging the numbers without actually retrieving them.

Happy Geocaching!


The Geo Chasers


P.S. I am surprised someone else didn't mention it...

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Originally posted by Car37 & Shnde:

I am haveing a tag returned to me also, I do not want to add the milage but I also do not want to delete the previous finds. May just delete the drop into the last cache since it only had one finder and he just dropped it into a local cache and then regrabbed him. If you delete the previous history, you also take away TB finds for previous finders.


Actually, I'm not sure all of that is true. Deleting logs and finds does not decrease the added mileage on a bug. Nor does deleting the movements change the current position of a bug. If it says it's in a cache, and someone grabs it into their inventory, deleting their log still leaves it in their inventory.


I'm not sure if it also takes away TB Finds on an account or not. That would be something that Jeremy would have to verify. I might run a test on it later tonight, too.



Chicago Geocaching

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Virturals and Locationless, even tho they do not have coords posted are located somewhere. If you do a search in Saint John, New Brunswick, you find a virtural with no coords down town, the coords are hidden. The TB grave yard adds something like 5000miles+ to a TB and virturals add some also. That is one of the biggest complaints with people taking the number from the page and logging them into virtuals to increase their TB find counts. I have seen other posts asking how to remove this milage from found TBs to the graveyard and then they just deleted the visit to the graveyard. Recently I left 4 Travel bugs in New Brunswick in a cache I had already visited in the summer, I just edited my original visit from the summer and it messed up the milage due to the previous date of the visit to the recent date of the Montreal trip. Two of the bugs were from Calgary and one from Montreal, I messed up the milage by adding a trip to NB then back to Montreal or Calgary, then back to NB again adding 1000+ fake miles, deleting these logs left them in the cache but removed the fake miles, but also lost the milage from Montreal to NB. I had to regrab them and redrop them to correct this.

I have also seen posts from members stating they had 8 TB finds and now they have 7. That seems to have not been solved as seen from the thread




The best way to solve the milage question would be to drop one off, grab it back up, note the new milage, then delete the logs and check if the milage is gone, to your own TB. I am going to try this with my miss matched pair tonight and see if the milage is removed.




PS Milage was removed, as far as the find count, finding your own bug does not count and I wanted to be as unintrusive as possiable, I only have one account watch one of my two caches so I should have only sent someone else one garbage email. The next bug I encounter I may find it, delete the log and quickly refind it as if I wanted to an edit and check my counts but not tonight..

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