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New Bug looking for Passport / Webpage ideas

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I just activated my very first T/B Az The Crow Flyz




... but want to attach a small laminated tag with T/B instructions so he doesn't end up in some kids toy box.


I've noticed others have made some cool little passports with some information and a little Geo-Logo



Some have their own mini log you can sign and date, then return to into a little plastic sleeve before you drop them off.


Is there a page somewhere that can be downloaded and printed...or should I just try and make my own?


Also, has anyone made any creative webpages for thier T/B with different backgrounds, sound clips and animated gif's ? I just noticed you're allowed to use HTML when setting up the bugs page.

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Good tag. The back side of mine has the travel bug icon too, more explicit instructions, and includes the tracking number. The written instructions are so the finders don't have to do more homework before logging.


I can send you the Word doc if interested.


Hmmm, that reminds me, I should put geocaching stuff together on a web page.

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Yes Philip, that is another one that impressed me as well. The one thing that I've noticed about the paper passports I've seen...they can deteriorate a lot faster than the laminated ones.


Normal wear and tear, dirt and water and being handled hundreds of times by dirty hands could take thier toll after a longer journey. Two of the Sheep I've picked up of yours (Sherri and Sheldon) were still fine, but they have not gone too far yet icon_wink.gif.


The one feature I do like about yours is the ability to have the cachers sign the passport...cant do that on a laminated card.


BTW, I meant to ask, since there's a good chance Sheldon's going all the way to Banff this trip, despite my giving Sherri big head start a month ago....Where do they go when the T/B race is over?

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You did a nice tag, but why did you want to put the reference number on the tag instead of the tracking number? It might confuse people because the tracking number is the one entered on the web page when the bug is found. The reference number is ... not as useful (not needed).

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