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Photo Upload Request


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Can we get an option to directly upload photos from our computers to the forums? It's a pain in the neck having to upload them to a third party photo site, then pull them from there.


Much obliged!

I would love that, as well. Not only is it a pain, but sometimes those are photos that I really don't want in my geocaching gallery (which I do sometimes like to go back and look at). All too often, pics that are linked to from sites like Photobucket, for whatever reason, all too often end up as broken links.
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Good idea. Let's take a crippled forum server and cripple it even further. :laughing:


When they finally get around to upgrading to better forum software, I agree this would be a nice feature to have. Until then, not so much.

Lets upgrade the forum server and forum software and allow for direct image posting.


We had a beautiful blue sky here today.

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