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Unreleased Bug found...

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I picked up a bug to deposit down the road on my vacation but when I was logging it I found that the owner had not "released" it yet.


I sent them a note about that status.


Will it be easy for them to take care of the release now that I have it so that it can be logged and inventoried?

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Should be no problem. They have the copy tag which has the id number on it, plus it should be in their inventory. Does it show that it is in their hands? If so, all they have to do is log a note on the cache site, and drop off the traveler before submitting the log.

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It still reads as "Not released yet by."


The cache did remove the bug symbol after I put a found log at the bug's page but I don't have it in my possession yet and it didn't show in the main log. That was where I noticed the non release and sent the owner a note.


Hopefully it will get fixed easy. Worse comes to worse I'm sure the owner lives here in town.

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