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Newbie with a nice idea (?)


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I discovered geocaching two weeks ago, and I love it!


I will visit the Youth Olympic Games next week, and I thought it would be a great idea to create a cache and mascot travelbugs to celebrate this first ever Youth Olympic Games.


I have started setting up the travelbug sites:




I'll buy keychain mascots of metal, as un-cute as possible... I'll also get a backup piece. I'll strap the keychains tightly to the dogtags. I'm thinking about including a very short text about each travelbug's mission, also writing that any well-visited cache is fine.


What do you think of the idea? What should I change in order to help the travelbugs survive and help the visitors enjoy the travelbugs?



* What is the option about making the travelbug collectable? I couldn't find info in the FAQs.

* The second travelbug site contains "released" and "origin". The first site does not contain this info, because I hit cancel before completing the process. The site still exists, though. How can I fill in "released" and "origin" for this bug?

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Very Good! It's nice to see something on a bug page that isn't just - Move me to any cache.


I like to include a small laminated tag with some mission information and logging instructions. You can get self-laminating tags at your local stuffmart.


If your bug is traveling, set it to not a collectible.


To redo the origin you just need to go through the activation process again. It won't reset any description info or logs.


Good Luck!

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Your travel bugs will be fine.


The cache itself cannot have an agenda, no matter how good the cause.

From the cache placing guidelines:

Caches that Solicit


Solicitations are off-limits. For example, caches perceived to be posted for religious, political, charitable or social agendas are not permitted. Geocaching is supposed to be a light, fun activity, not a platform for an agenda.

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Thanks for helping! I could use some guidance on the solicit topic, if you don't mind. I don't understand exactly what it means (English is not my first language).


(Question moved to the general geocaching topics forum.)

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Also from the cache listing guidelines:


First and foremost please be advised there is no precedent for placing caches. This means that the past listing of a similar cache in and of itself is not a valid justification for the listing of a new cache. If a cache has been published and violates any guidelines listed below, you are encouraged to report it. However, if the cache was placed prior to the date when a guideline was issued or updated the cache is likely to be "grandfathered" and allowed to stand as is.


Only one of those caches actually had a description that included the Olympics, and it's 5 years old. the other two only mention the Olympic Mascots, or and Olympic Ring. If you ahve any questions, it's best to ask your local reviewer if your cache will pass. The forum folks can only give you their opinion. Your reviewer will work with you on the cache description.

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Thanks again, Eartha. There are loads more caches with olympic names, event references, etc. Actually a mascot reference would fit very well in my case. But I have identified my local reviewers, and will ask them for help finding the most proper solution.


On topic... Any further advice for the travel bugs is welcome!

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In case some of you care for an update...


My travel bugs are obtained, prepared, and will very soon enter the wild.


I used ziplock bags for TB descriptions. I protected ziplocks and keychains with strong glue. It got a bit messy ... but better messy and safe than beautiful and lost, right?



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