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Moving on, from my iPhone GPS to something real, more rugged...


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Been using my iPhone 3gs as my primary device for a year or so, and with Google maps it has been great. I see how I should walk so I don't have to cross a swamp, and how the vegetation look like so I can plan get the best route for me. The issues is, battery life, 3g reception and that the GPS in the iPhone is thaaat accurate. There for the Google sat-maps are great.


The thing is I want something more rugged then an iPhone. But still have the features I have in my iPhone: Sat-maps, and road navigation and easy navigate on the screen. And edit and add positions in my computer and upload them to the device. I'm very used to touch-screen, but i don't want such GPS device because I want to be able to use gloves.


Im aware of Birds Eye view, and read a lot o negative about it in this forum. I really want to have ton of maps on the memory card. Is it enough to download them once? Lets say, you pay for Bird Eye year one, and DL all maps you need, do I need to pay year 2, to get to use the same maps? And those Birds Eye use google maps, or something else, with less detail?


And, will a real gps update on the map non stop, or will it, like the iphone get halted sometimes?


And based on this, can someone give me a tip of a GPS to buy? The Garmin 62s and ST looks very neat.


Is there no "screenshot" of the ST maps? Are they good enough for GC?

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