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  1. it is not a big update V4.80 = 17.452.412 Bytes V4.70 = 17.450.620 Byte V2.60 = 16.172.084 Bytes (should be used in case of repair rescue)
  2. I bet, the Garmin guys never ever did test the montana for 3 full days (52 hours) continous running using the tracking line on the map site. Then they already would have seen, that there are curious results. (nothing processor related)
  3. Currently the montana is not solid gps and the trackingline gets lost on the map after using for some hours. (using the gps 24/7) I hope garmin can fix this soon.
  4. http://garminmontanagpsr.wikispaces.com/Common+Issues Curious - many bugs, but no new firmware is coming Why is garmin not trying to relsolve those bugs in the latest firmware of the montana gps units?
  5. ... The pointer is huge ... Do you mean this - like a small 60csx-pointer? http://www12345678.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/garmin-montana-650t-3.png
  6. Using .ECW or .IMG instead of geotiff will save 10x of volume. (your PDF is showing problem with files greater than 100mb.) What app are you using for geotiff?
  7. Just checked it out: works now -> Fixed satellite dashboard on the map works now -> Fixed issue with right side controls where dashboard and icons could overlap on main menu Great Garmin!!! Working fine now.
  8. Garmin confirmed bug (they could reproduce it) and will fix it
  9. This bug is installed since 3.20 - still on 3.30 Set montana (650t) to recreational profile set montana to fixed landscape mode use with gps off (DEMO MODE) !!! CORRECT on main screen: left side buttons, RIGHT side time/signal/batterie, date search recent find - GO - DIRECT ROUTING - MOVE TO LOCATION leave map and go to start-screen NOW: !!! FALSE on main screen: left side buttons, LEFT side time/signal/batterie, date (BUTTONS AND SIGNAL/DATE_INFO are at SAME PLACE)
  10. Magellan ToughCase is NOT WATERPROOF There have been people using the ToughCase and killing their iPhone with water! So do not use it under wet conditions.
  11. >>Added ability to enable and disable BirdsEye providers using shortcuts Is there any video, how to setup?
  12. Meanwhile, Garmin told me, that they can confirm this bug. (also reported from different users) But they need to reproduce this bug, and have therefore problems. Does anyone know, how to reproduce this bug?
  13. i have a lot of crashes by changing the profile
  14. Did you change the profiles during caching? (how often ?)
  15. Thank you for confirmation that bug, michaelnel - crazy
  16. can anyone confirm this bug: only 150 meters away from the target but showing 5414 km (!!!)
  17. Thank's for the pic. Good luck! I am sure, you will get a completely new unit. (not only a new screen). My 650t has best reception - also under heavy tree cover compared to these other units. This pic is in sun and no heavy tree cover (waited about 7 minutes after starting the units): http://www12345678.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/garminmontana.png Best reception ever. (only my old 60csx might have the same excellent reception)
  18. Do you have a picture of the cracked screen?
  19. Yes, but also your trick (I always depress the power button for a few seconds with the battery out to discharge any remaining power) did not help to reanimate the montana - only 4 hours of waiting. It happened after i wanted to check the version and the unit crashed. (i tested it for 3 times, and then the power button did not work any longer). Sometime you can get the software-version without a crash, sometimes not. (i wanted to see if there is a spezific crash-structure)
  20. If this might not help, remove the battery for 4 hours!!! I had already the problem that the unit could not boot and the battery was removed for 10 minutes!!! Removing the battery for 4 hours and it worked again!
  21. Just got a confirmation for another bug from the montana team - GREAT! So sending all problems to MontanaBeta@garmin.com might helping them to improve the great hardware. Excellent!
  22. Yes, i also got email-response for my first mail. But no response for the other bugmails. Maybe they are on holiday?
  23. I am wondering, that there are programmers, who do not test this constellation. Crazy guys
  24. But this batterie looks different to the garmin batterie http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/message/view/Montana/40792301
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