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Choosing a new gps

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Sorry if this has been covered before. I would like to buy/be given a new gps at around Christmas time. I currently have an etrex, and am getting tired of the bad gps signal under tree cover as well as having to manually enter all my co-ordinates. However I'm close to 200 so I think I have coped well considering!!


I would like a gps that obviously I can transfer co-ords from the computer to, be able to play Wherigo's and possibly have maps that comes with the gps (is that possible?).


Thanks for all your help in advance.

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I think that if you want a unit that supports wherigos then your only options are the garmin Colorado or Oregon. Or a PDA.


I can give another vote for the Oregon. Not cheap, but it's available with mapping if you want it. Either topo maps or OS discoverer maps. The OS maps have more detail, but are more expensive. Shop around for a unit with a mapping package as the best deals seem to come as a bundle. If you can't afford mapping then there are free opensource maps available too.

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