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Most common Travel Bug? Appealing? Disturbing?

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Just wondering what the most common form a travel bug usually takes... I would guess that probably a keychain would be the most used item on a bug.


I've also seen a lot of stuffed things - not necessarily all Beanie Babies, but similar at least.


What do you think is the most common item sent as a bug? What is the most disturbing or unusual bug that you've seen?


I'm still trying to decide what will get to tag along with my 4 travel bugs that should be coming soon. Get it? "tag along" waka waka


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In deciding what items will be my travel bugs, I'm trying to think of something that isn't very appealing... so kids don't just swipe it. But, it has to be something that people are interested enough in that they will take it, even if not 100% familiar with how a bug works. (yet)


Might make a trip to the thrift store today to look for unusual objects.


Rubbertoe - Webcam - Image Archives

--== http://www.bigfoot.com/~rbatina ==--

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I haven't sent out any bugs yet but will have my 8 tags in the next few days. Here is what I plan on sending so far...


1) Darth Vader figure

2) R2D2 figure

3) Buzz Lightyear - goal Milwaukee to Alaska

4) John Deere diecast tractor.


The remaining 4 tags I will hold onto to see how these go. I have a feeling they will disappear but want to still try. If I don't I won't know.

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The best travel bug I have seen yet just had an old keychain in a durable plastic bag with a paper telling you how to use the thing.


Because it did not take a lot of room, so I was able to put it into a very full cache with no problem. Also there is nothing on there anyone wants to steal and even the new people know how to use it.

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My 4 travel bugs are:

a. A stuffed lobster keychain

b. A miniature taxicab keychain

c. A small happy face icon_smile.gif flashlight keychain

d. A geocaching compass keychain


The two I have found were a stuffed dolphin toy, and a journal book.

The journal book was pretty neat - it's goal was to travel through all provinces in Canada, with cachers writing, putting photos, etc into the journal, then sending it on its way.



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I just picked one up attached to a CD case & it's mission is printed on the front.




He'll be making his way west in a few months. I did write to the owner to ask permission to keep him awhile until we take a trip to Pac NW in October. Hopefully, your TB's will receive the same courtesy from other cachers.


God Luck.


Fairy tales & happy trails help old women stay young.

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