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Problem uploading field notes file, Oregon 550T

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Suddenly I can't upload my field notes to GC.com from my Oregon 550T. It has always

worked before. It just stopped working 2 weeks ago.


Nothing happens when I try to upload them. It doesn't leave any message saying that there aren't

any field notes or anything.


When I upload them to GSAK it all works just fine. No problems with dates or anything.


Anyone else who have had this problem?

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I just did a test and my field notes on my Garmin .txt has the blank line at the beginning. Again, once I eliminated the blank line, the field note uploaded correctly. Any idea on how to permanently eliminate the blank line?



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just delete the file and start over. do that after every time you upload the file to gc.com. (where "starting over" isn't any specific action, just delete the file and leave it at that.)

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