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Using the Travel Bug copy


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In the Travel Bug FAQ it says "Q. Why are there two tags? A. There is one tag that says "COPY" on it. This tag you hold on to to keep as a memento and a quick way to check up on your bugs. There's no rule that you can't use it, so it's up to you what to do with it! "


How would you use both the original and the copy as seperate travel bugs when they would have the same number on them?



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Take a look at this TB(s). There are twelve using the same tag number.Alien TB's

By using multiple tags with the same number, you really do not know which Traveler is where, unless the post tells you. The TB's really log the miles as the system assumes that each subsequent post was the distance traveled by one bug. (If one bug moves 1 mile in CA and another with the same number moves 1 mile in FL, the system will move the bug some 3500 miles.)

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. (If one bug moves 1 mile in CA and another with the same number moves 1 mile in FL, the system will move the bug some 3500 miles.)


Cool icon_cool.gif Sure would blow the Stats out of the water though, and make them pretty useless.


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Originally posted by GeoTeam Maggi:

There are twelve using the same tag number.

what a clever and evil and funny twist to the TB idea from none other than infosponge! It basically "teleports" itself all over the place!


-- I am looking for cache recommendations for Salem, Mass. Got any?

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Another use is to use the COPY tag when the other tag gets lost. I don't do it because I use the COPY tag for my reference and just send the bug's instruction tag (with the serial number listed) without a metal tag when the original is lost.


TBs get lost? NOOOOoooo.

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At one time I had my COPY tag on the bag that I carry all my caching equipment in. I had a box on the bug page with a picture of my caching bag and underneath it said, "Did you find this instead?" Then there were instructions on how to get the caching bag back to me.


It seemed like a good idea. I mean, the tag has instructions on it on how to get to the website and what to do with the number. Fortunately I never lost my caching bag, unfortunately the COPY tag DID get lost. So, maybe it was a good idea...just one that never got tried out.




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