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Would this still count?

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I just found this benchmark today, but it seems to have been dug up from the field and tossed to the side of the fence. The disk and everything is still intact, its just a huge concrete slab thingy layin there, not in the ground anymore. It seems to be close enough to the original location that my GPS led me right to it.


Should I count this as a find even though the marker is no longer in the ground?



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I would consider this to be a destroyed benchmark. The primary reason for that interpretation is that it is not in the location where it was placed, even if your GPS took you right to it, I do not think it could be used as a triangulation station, a reference mark to another benchmark, or a mark indicating the altitude of the station.


As a result it does not suite any of it's original intended tasks. I think that counts as destroyed.


If it is on top of, or in amoungst a pile of rocks, a surveyor is unlikely to consider it to be suitable for re-use with new coordinates, as the rocks were obviously moved at one time in the past, and are suseptable to later movement.


Fields where rocks have been pulled out of, tend to grow more rocks that have to be pulled later. I seem to recall that the technical term for this is frost heaving, but I may be wrong.


Condition here would be poor. Condition at NGS would need to be determined by yourself and NGS.



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I suppose it is a find for geocaching purposes, since it is the point you went looking for, but as Rusty said, it is now a worthless chunk of concrete. Any point that has been completely dislodged meets the qualifications for destroyed status. If you have a chance to notify a local surveyor or the city or county engineer's office of what you found that would be helpful. If they seem unconcerned its probably because they were already aware of it or they were expecting it to be wiped out by construction, which is the most common fate of these markers by far.

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