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GeOrg - using Field Notes

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How do you use field notes? I've never used them before, either in GeOrg or anywhere else. I know how to enter a field note, and how to find them, but then what do I do with them? Look at them on my phone and use that as my notes to manually enter into geocaching.com?


I love GeOrg but I haven't been using all of the features, so this is my next step.


Something that I read somewhere, sometime, (not necessarily about GeOrg) made me think that you could automatically upload field notes into geocahcing.com and I don't want to do that.


Right now we take notes on paper, but it would be nice to have them right in my phone instead. I just wondered, how does everyone else do it?

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I am not familiar with that app, but I can explain the field note feature. Many devices or apps can add information to a text file, this is done in a format dictated by geocaching.com. There will be some way to transfer that text file to your computer. On my Delorme it ask me what type of connection I want to establish when I plug it into my USB port on the computer I select internal and it loads as a drive so I can drag and drop the fieldnote.txt file. In the Cacheberry app on my BB I email it to my email account and download it to my computer. Log into your geocacing account and go to the My Profile page (the page that shows all of your recent finds), look on the right and choose Access Your Filednotes. You will see a list of devices to get the notes from, pick on of the links (except the Trimble Geocache Navigator). It doesn't matter which one they all do the same thing (except the Trimble Geocache Navigator). Click Choose File, browse to where you saved the file and select it. Now click upload file. After it is uploaded you can go to a page that will show you list of fieldnotes, you can click on compose log, make any changes and submit log. Or you can delete any notes you don't want to post (say you double enter a cache, etc).


I would go to the app designers website and look in his manual for the instructions on getting fieldnotes out of that app. Fieldnotes is a great tool. I don't actually do much note taking with it (the Delorme has a clunky interface for entering text) but I do use it to mark all of the caches I find in the order found and add my log after I've uploaded the file to my geocaching account.

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Here are the links you'll need to upload, as noted in Jeff's post, above:


Go to http://www.geocaching.com/my/uploadfieldnotes.aspx and upload your field notes from the GPS to geocaching.com: geocache_visits.txt .


Then go to http://www.geocaching.com/my/fieldnotes.aspx (you can access this on the right side menu from your profile page) and you'll see the found caches. Fix up your logs and post!

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Something that I read somewhere, sometime, (not necessarily about GeOrg) made me think that you could automatically upload field notes into geocahcing.com and I don't want to do that.


In GeOrg you can choose to export Field Notes to your SD card or (if you have a phone with Android version 2.0 or higher) as an email-attachment. You currently cannot upload them to Groundspeak directly.

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