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  1. In GeOrg you can choose to export Field Notes to your SD card or (if you have a phone with Android version 2.0 or higher) as an email-attachment. You currently cannot upload them to Groundspeak directly.
  2. Hi, you don't have to use any connectors, GeOrg runs perfectly well without them. They are not part of the app you can buy in the Android Market. As to Groundspeak's Terms of Service: I don't believe that the behaviour of the sample-connector - which we only published in source, for developers interested in providing access to external datasources and which is independent from GeOrg - is against their Terms of Service. But I don't know for sure. That's why I asked them. Repeatedly. Sadly they would not reply. This is from our site (link): If Groundspeak should ask us to modify or remove the access to their site from our sample-code, then we will of course do that. rflexor
  3. Yes, thank you very much - for bringing back the friends-hid/fnd-feature. Even more thankful since I now at last have learned to program xmlhttprequests to asynchronously add the missing counts to the friend-page via Greasemonkey Script was ready for "production" this night. Glad this workaround is not needed anymore and we are back to instant-display-numbers :-) cheers rflexor
  4. As to "Friendlist counts where never working properly"... I used to use a Greasemonkeyscript to save my friends caching-counts in the firefox-registry and compare these to the actual numbers whenever I revisit the friendpage. Then with the script applying colour-highlighting to my friends "id-cards" in the friendlist I was easily able to see who found new caches or hid some. These displays where _always_ (at least for during the last year) correct for the founds and during the last months used to be correct for the caches hidden (ok, they decremented when a cache was deactivated, but no complaints there). Having 20 entries on my friendlist this was an easy way to keep track. In which cases have the numbers been incorrect? For my part I really cannot confirm that they where broken and thus cannot understand why they where removed. cu rflexor
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