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Upgrading from Garmin 60CSx

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I looking to use the unit for geocaching, hiking, hunting, maybe some mapping and some limited car use.


I asked a few months back but money didn't work out then so as my birthday gets closer, I thought I'd ask again in case things have changed.


I was thinking of a Garmin 450 then load topos & city maps as I have the $$ to get the software because if I heard right, the stand alone software is better detailed and such.


Thoughts, suggestions, opinions?


Thanks in advance for your time and help!!



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From what I've seen, the Garmin 450 is a great unit for what you are wanting to do with it. You might want to check out the touchscreen and make sure you like that (most do). If you like buttons instead of touch screen, you may want to check out the Garmin 62s coming out at the end of July. If you like you 60 csx, the 62s is pretty much an upgraded 60csx. Just another idea.

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