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  1. Two thumbs up for REI! I've loved anything of theirs and I feel they are just a good place to do business!
  2. Sorry, I'm Windows based with an Oregon 450
  3. In your opinion, what are the "must have" programs needed for: Geocaching? Mapping? Converting files to custom maps? Etc? Thanks in advance for your help! Kirk
  4. I post on too many forums. I had someone post a link on one of the different forums that I visit with a link to the hiking trails for the Smokey Mtns that was rdy for download and able to go right into my Oregon 450 but I didn't have the unit yet so I didn't download it yet. Anyone know where I can find such a map? Thanks in advance, Kirk
  5. Cool. It was only $20 for a 4gb. I guess I can always upgrade bigger later on. Thanks for the help!
  6. I bought a 4gb but I haven't opened it yet. I want to load City Navigator at some point down the road and some Topos. I can't find how much capacity it can handle. So, I come to the experts. What say you? Thanks, Kirk
  7. Hard Reset for 60CSX: 1) Power OFF 2) Hold Quit, Enter, and Out. Press Power. All data will be erased and Factory Default settings applied. Bob Thank you!
  8. I'm getting myself a new gps and would like to reset and clear out my old one for my son so it's "like new". Is this possible? If so, how? Thanks in advance for the help! Kirk
  9. I looking to use the unit for geocaching, hiking, hunting, maybe some mapping and some limited car use. I asked a few months back but money didn't work out then so as my birthday gets closer, I thought I'd ask again in case things have changed. I was thinking of a Garmin 450 then load topos & city maps as I have the $$ to get the software because if I heard right, the stand alone software is better detailed and such. Thoughts, suggestions, opinions? Thanks in advance for your time and help!! Kirk
  10. >It may see some limited car time also. I'd go 450. I thought about the 300, but then saw the 450. a great unit. I've mounted it up on my mountain, and having a lot of fun with it. (using the Arizona Topo & Southwest Trails transparent overlay, via gpsfiledept. what a great combo). you can't go wrong with the 450. I'll probably go with the 450. I still need to convince the wife that I NEED a new gps and that I can still get a decent amount from my 60Csx when I sell it.
  11. I think I'll try to swing the 450. I need to convince the wife I need a new one and see about selling my 60Csx I guess.
  12. General GPS using (hunting, hiking, etc) and geocaching. Would you folks suggest the Oregon 300 or the Oregon 450? It may see some limited car time also. Thanks in advance!!
  13. I believe it's someone that finds and destroys caches. Normally just stumbling upon them.
  14. THANKS!!! Starting HotSync manually seemed to do it.
  15. Sorry, using USB connection. I have a Palm T/x if that matters.
  16. I Hot-Sync'd my Palm last night with no problems. Today I install Spinner, run it, get to the point where I'm supposed to Hot-Sync and now my Palm won't connect. Anyone have a similar problem or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!!
  17. 2GB PNY that I just loaded seems to be working perfectly
  18. Well, I've got TOPO 2008 maps and City Navigator 2008 maps for the midwest (ND, SD, MN, IA, WI, IL, MI, IN and OH) and 1:24k maps for MN and WI state parks and it all comes to 687.3MB. So imho, a 1GB seems to be the sweet spot right now. I picked up my 1Gb MicroSD card a couple weeks ago at Officemax for $14.99. Well, I picked up a 2 GB for about $25 so I'll have to play around with it now. Thanks!!
  19. Good info. Thinking about "paperless" myself
  20. I just got CN and hope to get Topo soon. It's nice to know that you can load both on at the same time. If I may ask, how large of a memory card did you need to load both?
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