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Diagrams in the Database

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The British equivalent of our benchmarks - OS Trigpoints - include, in some of their online descriptions, a sketch showing the location of the mark. They appear to be done with varying detail, but even a rough sketch adds much to the description.


Occasionally in NGS descriptions I have seen reference to drawings that were apparently once (in the pre-computer age, perhaps) associated with the description we now find available in their database.


Perhaps one of our professionals knows if there was ever any consideration to providing some kind of visual aid to the text descriptions. It would obviously not be a trivial (or inexpensive) undertaking, yet we all know how much time can be spent searching for an elusive mark, and adding small maps would possibly result in a net saving.


Here is an example of an Ordnance Survey page. Note links at the bottom for photos and sketch.


Here is a sketch from a different trigpoint.


Finally, here is a PDF file from the Arlington County, VA, web site showing the position of a control monument, including both the NGS datasheet and an area map.

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Most counties that I'm familiar with use sketches with their PLSS corner tie records that get recorded with the County Surveyor. They help a great deal when searching for a corner that hasn't been used in 20, 30, or 50+ years. Especially when you entire survey depends on that corner, and the only other way to find it is to go a mile (or more) along the section lines and survey it back in. I don't know if the NGS employs such sketches or not. DaveD or Surveytech may know for sure.


Keep on Caching!

- Kewaneh

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Diagram:Analysis of the System of United States Land Surveys.Entered according to Act of Congress,In the Year 1905,by Geo.A.Ogle & Co.,in the Office of the Libarian of Congress at Washington D.C.I have a copy of these diarams and have not found any other reference like it online or other, except the Court house.It shows from 80 degrees to 115 degrees,West of Greenwhich and from 25 degrees to 50 degrees North of the Equator,It is a Grid Map of the Principal Meridians,Baselines,Correction Lines,and Initial Points of all the Surveys thereof.

Woops.. http://www.nationalatlas.gov/plssm.html I guess there is now

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