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Wacky Benchmarks (Near Your Home)

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We had a bunch of these around. Here's the Webster's definition:


"a spar or buoy for mooring boats; also : a cluster of closely driven piles used as a fender for a dock or as a mooring or guide for boats "


Now a glass bottle is an odd item indeed.




Jeremy Irish

Groundspeak - The Language of Location

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Hey! We found one after a date (think we parked in the wrong spot...blocked a plane). Fearless knew several of the pilots at the little airport in our town...so they went in the admin bldg and checked weather.....this shortend our time (babysitter) so quick scoped out the next...as I did so found myself with a cave at my feet....Had I been much thinner.....I'de have slipped away.... Now that was a first!!


With so many close by I know what to do on a lunch break!!




"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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