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Both Benchmarks?

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Being new at this I am confused about these two markers we found icon_confused.gif. Searching for this GC45BD we found two markers. Didn't find the third as we ran out of time to search icon_frown.gif. Both markers are referenced hereRD2538. Our questions are both of these benchmarks or what is the difference between the two markers?


We like BM hunting as an addition to our geocaching fun. Thanks for any help you can give us.


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Many benchmarks, especially horizontal control disks and similar markers (e.g. survey disks and triangulation station disks and probably some others too), have reference disks and an azimuth disk that are set and associated with them. While ocassionally these disks have their own entry in the database, it is more common to see them described as they are here, as part of the entry for the main disk. In this case, there is no azimuth disk, but there are two references disks (it seems that there is always two). And, they have had trouble keeping two reference disks here, they have had to create new ones to replace destroyed ones several times (They're up to #6 now, but only #4 and #6 exist). Anyway, many people try to find all such disks and make note of what is found, not found and/or not searched for in their log. In my opinion, it is necessary to find the main station to claim a "find". Some people will only look for the main disk and that's OK as long as they say that in the log. And some people will claim a find with any disk and since the community is pretty informal about rules, I guess that's OK.


Other disks, especially benchmark disks and other vertical control disks, do not have these extra disks. That makes them a lot easier, at least in this regard.

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Such was the case for me on this benchmark.


Found Ref#1 and also what I believe to be #2. #1 was pointing an arrow due east, out into the water. That seems to be where the surveyor reported that it was located. I'll check the tide tables next time.


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You've found the main station and reference mark 4 for PID RD2538. Reference marks are to help find the main survey station. They have arrows on them that point to the main station as you can see in your picture.


What are they called? Some are reference marks, some are azimuth marks, some are station marks. I call them all benchmarks. In this case, you found two benchmarks belonging to PID2538.


As Rogbarn says, the going idea among most benchmark hunters is to log a find for the PID only if you find the main station, which you have done. If you only find a reference benchmark, you should only log a note or couldn't-find.


I always like to look for all reference marks and azimuth marks if the PID has them. More stuff to find! They are listed under the same find in the geocache website, though, so you don't get more count for it, but who cares - it's the finding that's the fun!

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