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Purchase of First Geocoin

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Howdy Folks,


am new to geocaching & am really enjoying it - I would like to purchase my first geocoin that I could track.


I see some for sale on eBay & can't seem to find a place in this forum where geocoins are "For Sale".


If someone has an unregistered geocoin for sale please post in reply or PM me.


Otherwise, eBay, here I come!


Looking forward to any responses


Kind Regards


Soth ;)


(BTW plz be gentle with me if I have posted here in error!)

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I spent a fortune on Ebay before I discovered the Forums and the list of approved vendours and manufacturers listed both in the pinned threads above this one and in the Geocoin Home page under the Trackable Items tab at Geocaching.com. It may take a while to sort through all of them but you'll discover about half a dozen or more with regular stock you can purchase at regular retail prices. Good luck.

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Please visit the pinned threads for the approved vendor list, and almost every other thread in this forum is a coin sale announcement. I am closing this thread, the way we do with all threads like this, because they are too tempting for advertising. You will only find trackable geocoins listed for sale in these threads because non-trackables are ONLY allowed to be traded here, not sold. There is one thread for trading non-trackable coins. Please read the geocoin guidelines pinned here, if you are going to start collecting. The geocoin guidelines are in addition to the forum guidelines.

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