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I found a geocoin on the 21st of May, Geocoin number <# removed by moderator> and I am unable to log my find as it has never been registered. I can't register it as I don't have the activation code. What do I do?



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For most coins the activation code is either included with the coin on a slip of paper or can be retrieved via the web. If the coin has a card from the mint who manufactured it with it that card may list the URL to get the activation code. If not, decribe the con or post a photo (obscure the ID) and we can help you find the correct source for the code.

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Welcome to the forums!!


Was a coin listed as being in the cache? If so make sure that you haven't confused some of the numbers on the tracking code--a 5 could also be an S or an 8 could be a B or a 0 and an O.


Did someone mention in a log they dropped off a coin? If the coin isn't activated then you have some very nice swag and should trade for it. I have found a few unactivated coins and thought they were activated. When I realized the mistake I made I put a lot of swag in the next cache I found it I couldn't return to the first one to pay it forward


If you need the activation code post the name of the coin, a picture or something so we can identify it and tell you where the code can be found

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The tracking number you originally posted comes back as not existing and so do all the other permutations I tried with similar looking characters. Typically if it was an assigned tracking number that was unactivated it would inform you that it is unactivated and include a link to be able to go ahead with the activation. Not so in this case. Could you have misread the tracking number? Some are etched very very very small and require more than a magnifying glass to decrypt.

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Wait a minute.... the prefix of the coin you listed is GC________ which is mostly used for caches. Are you sure it's not PC________? THAT does come back as an unactivated tracking number..... and if you transmute a couple of characters it even comes back as a Fire Dragon (TnT) that's been MISSING for a while and a Landsharkz sitting in someone's collection.


So the next question is what coin is it and how to find the activation code. If you can describe it someone will be able to tell you where to go to access the activation code.


Lastly is the question of trading fairly for swag. An activated coin is a traveler and requires no trade just to move it along but an unactivated coin is a trade item and something of equal ($10) or great value should be left behind in trade.

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