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cheaper trackables are better


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I really like the cheaper trackable items. It is not that I have anything against $10 and higher Geocoins they look great and are nice to borrow for a little while. They are great. The problem is that the cooler it is and more expensive it is the more likely someone is to treat it as a trade item or simply steal them and the ones that outright get thrown away because they are in a cache that someone mistakes for garbage (or they toss it out because they are jerks) or they get lost in another way. Any of them can go MIA but it seems the cheaper ones tend to stay in circulation longer. Then there is the fact that you get two or three of them for the price of one of the cooler more expensive ones. So it is nice to see the expensive geocoins but for my money cheaper ones are a better value. I want to thank those companies that offer such wonderful products.

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"cheaper trackables are better"...hmmm...the term "better" is rather subjective. better for what purpose?! inexpensive geocoins or geotags for traveling from cache to cache without being stolen? perhaps. for collecting, trading, designing, and admiring as tiny works of art? definitely not! however, each geocoin. geotag, or other trackable serves its purpose, in the eyes of the beholder. i still would stop short of saying one trackable is "better" than another. :D

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I have quite a few travellers out there.

I can't really say from my own experience, that nice coins get stolen more often.


But I recon, if you want a trackable for the purpose of travelling, take a travelbug. Those are uninteresting to steal, too common.

Those traveltags are nice as well, they are to uninteresting to get stolen, I can attach something to them.

Also there are some great generic coins out, Travel Ingot, Cache Movers, Travel Snail, Travel Express. Those have their own icons as well, look more like a coin and not like a flimsy aluminium tag.


But I agree, those should get more travellers out and about and should also stop the moaning of those, who can't comprehend what collectors see in coins... :blink:

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