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eTrex Summit HC - Marking geocaches as FOUND

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i do the same thing all the time with my vista hcx, the only way around it that i've found is to just push the stick over so it's not over the "found" button, that way when i hit it to turn the backlight on it doesn't mark the cache as found. it's incredibly annoying, maybe someone else has a better method.

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Is anyone else repeatedly marking geocaches as found by mistake? i do it at least 2 or 3 times per caching trip. It's usually when the backlight goes off and i hit the joystick to make the light come back on. It's driving me crazy.
I've always pressed the power button on my HC when I want the backlight up again. Never thought to fiddle the joystick for that purpose. Guess that's why it never happened to me.
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