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Logging find with others


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I'd say 75% of the time I go caching w/ my gf Sas3999


I recently told her she should start her own account..


kinda hard to have a shared one..


I started caching before her...

She went to PEI on a trip without me and found a few while she was there...

I've been to the most northern cache in the world and she hasn't...


Makes sense to keep separate accounts.


As far as logs go... Well It does seem to get kinda redundant adding Found w/ Sas 3999 or in her case Found w/ wrtiii


To the tail end of every single find we log...


but on the other hand it's nice to show we were there together...


Do we create a third account for us as a couple? (I know some ppl makes their pets acconts even..)


3rd account seems like just more of a pain.. now we gotta log finds in 3 places..


So is there a way to add a permanent signatures or tagline to all cache logs?


Or does anyone have any suggestions? Must be some others in a similar situation..


What do you do?





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