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    GPS 60csx

    Good Evening Fellow Cachers, I would like to know how everyone is doing their caching with a 60csx. I have been away from the game for awhile now and mostly need a refresher plus need to be brought up to speed on the latest developments. I will be using my 60csx for caching and hunting this year. Previously I have only ever used the NA City Nav map purchased from garmin. Would Topo maps be a big advantage in the bush? I recall using programs such as GSAK and I had a palm pilot I started using to log cache details on the fly. I now have a smartphone although I have No service outside the city so am not sure I want to rely on it very much. I am quite computer savvy and am not looking for basic methods per say. I believe there is a way to use both City Nav and Topo maps without renaming files or changing sd cards by overlaying the maps into a single file and then selecting which to display or not to on the gps itself? What programs are being used in 2012, which utilities, which android phone apps, Is a palm pilot still a viable option or would I just get looked at funny if I pulled that out at a caching event? Thanks for your advice, William
  2. Your opinion. I think the 76 button placement makes a lot of sense and is much easier to use than the 60. I think the 60 with that thing sticking out of the top looks ugly, while the 76 presents a smooth and nice profile. Oh, and yes it has a mark button. In fact it has every button the 60 has, so there. ' hehehe, I personally much prefer the look of the 60 It's manly and rugged
  3. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=247904 Noone wants bugs in bags.. Paper Mission Tags don't stand up to wear and tear. Groundspeak needs to make a mission statement entry for each TB. This then is included in the GPX file from PQ's Now for the large majority of us that have some kind of paperless caching. We have the bug info right with us. and Can use GSAK to create a TB database as well. For those that print there sheets. When they print the cache info page that says where the cache is and that there is a TB there. They always get a 1 line mission statement for the bugs currently in that cache.
  4. Active Reg force @ CFB Winnipeg here. Just starting to conquer the manitoba caches. Bill
  5. Cachezilla5 - OTher diffrence.. The 76 is ugly, and the buttons on top of the screen are a horrible design for a hand held, and If I am not mistaken the 76 doesn't have a dedicated mark button (correct me if I am wrong on that last one) At any rate Thanks for all the info everyone, I put a pair of e2 lithiums in it and tossed it in the bathtub. Just as Hank said it floating quite nicely. cheers
  6. Someone told me that w/ Lithium Ion Batteries the 60csx actually becomes buoyant... Anyone ever do any extensive testing of this? Anyone ever do any extensive tester as to how waterproof the unit really is? If you go near water what do you do? Most people just using a floatation (floater keychain thngy) device or something of the sort for the 60csx ? Bill
  7. You would know because you would have the information included either a) on your printed paper on your pda or other paperless caching method. To the very mildest degree 1 single line could be included in a PQ gpx file. I highlighted your statement above and you are incorrect on this premise. If I print a copy of the cache page, it will only list the TB not it's goal or mission. In my PDA it again will list that the cache has a TB but it also will not list it's mission or goal. When I use my Delorme PN-40, which is a paperless GPS, it might list that there is a TB there but again, it will not list it's mission or goal. With the PN-40 I do not recall if it list's TB's in the cache because I do not specifically go out and hunt these. If finding and logging TB's is your thing, then you will have to do a lot more than just print off the cache pages for their information. You will have to go to their specific TB page and print out their mission or goal. That is why most of us, if there isn't a mission card attached to it, generally leave them and will only discover them. OK. Yes I completely agree. Now This is the point I was originally trying to make. Would it not be nice If when you did you PQ not only did it include the fact that there is a TB there. But Also Included information on the TB... OK So most people could handle the entire TB Page and still have tons of space left over. But Just picture it this way. When you make a TB Add a new input line. Your allowed One line of text, Lets say 100 characters long.. This is your mission statement. Now Pictures Cachemate.. It has that little TB Icon showing there is a TB in the cache. Now you double click on the TB, or hover over it for a tool tip or something of the sort. And it display that 1 line of text "mission statement" for that specific TB. I mean cachemate already has some sort of support (I have not played with it much) for TB's All that would be required would be some slight changes to how PQ's Come back and the TB Pages. I mean You could add a new box on the PQ selection to chose to include or not TB Mission Statements. And maybe add another option to chose to include TB Full pages. As I said earlier.. It's the exact same thing that was done with Caches when PQ's were created. Now It would just be nice if they would extend to TB's. Maybe there is a suggestions forum I should of posted this in originally? But I was hoping to get some discussion and ideas on it so that I could form a more solid suggestion. I was not expecting such a negative response.. Almost seems as if we should just ban TB's and Geocoins altogether since they seem to inconvenience people more than people enjoy them..
  8. I'm actually quite disappointed with the negative response in regards to TB's.. Maybe we should remove PQ's and Go back to the old way of doing things, because so far we everyone's train of thought we would never have gotten the ability for PQ's. So far I have found most TB logs to be correct or if I do notice a mistake I've found it very quick to get it corrected. Maybe I should start deciding that I do not care about caches and only care about TB's? And maybe a lot of the caches I come across will "disappear" and become incorrect listings? maybe move afew feet here and there? You would know because you would have the information included either a) on your printed paper on your pda or other paperless caching method. To the very mildest degree 1 single line could be included in a PQ gpx file.
  9. Unfortunatly, on caches such as GC5803 that kind of lunxury even if you could AFFORD it is not availible. Having all the info in a database just like you do caches, Is something a little more feasible for most people. I really hope I am not the first person to think of this in 10 years time?
  10. Should not be a wide range of opinions whatsoveer. Seems the more I think about it it's pretty cut and dry. Found or Did Not Find or a Note, Regardless As you say, Once you Hit GOTO you should log something (within reason) Maybe Once you are within .3km You should be making a log. This is how we find out caches are missing... Not because someone thinks it MAY be missing and logs a note or a needs maintence. I don't think I would even bother checking my cache if a single person said DNF because I think the cache is missing. But I would be concerned if all of a sudden 2 or 3 people in a row cannot find it. But if those people are not logging their DNF's becuse they just feel they may be blind then that is not helping at all. If you associate with a cache somehow make a post and let everyone know what your doing.
  11. Hoping to get some chatter on this. Does noone else care what the goals of a TB are when they get to a cache and find one?
  12. http://www.prairie.mb.ca/accessories/pda/pdatogps.php Any thoughts on this? How would a person benefit?
  13. I think your should grab some sticks and hot dogs and burn it.... Umm yea anyways reason for posting... Seems to me the biggest concern is Why in the world are you chaining the cache to poison ivy?? and 2nd'ly Why are you chaining up your cache at all? I mean why not just get a post hole digger and dig a 8 ft hole and fill it with concrete around a ship anchor and secure the cache to that? If someone goes out there to harm your cache a lil ol chain to a tree ain't gonna do much... although if your suspecting someone to mess with your cache well then.. chaining it to poison ivy might just be the best way but you were concern with the location and it being a tough find... Well A chain attached to it and around a tree I would imagine decrease it to only a 2 star difficulty at most.. unless you have some kind of invisible chain Ciao, Bill
  14. Make sure you check kijiji, other "used" sites for your area, and pawn shops.. I found at least 10 pda's that would be sufficient throughout the city of winnipeg for less than $30.. Ebay gets pricey once you start adding in your shipping.
  15. wrtiii


    Ok Well then It's 1.5 that was causing the dilemma. At any rate looks like I will be switching to Cachemate.. So far I have no seen any compelling reasons to stick to GPXSonar.. especially seeing as it is a dead project...
  16. Yea that's what I have been doing.. but there's gotta be a better way ...
  17. Well if the bug information is incorrect then you should note that and get it corrected. Yes of course the data could change within seconds of me receiving the PQ but a cache could get archived or go inactive just the same as well..(happened to me the other day).. owner removed the cache for maintenance while I was on my way to it.. And lets just say I do a cache near the airport.. I hope off the plane go do a cache find a tb, grab it and hop back on the plane now I travel 3 provinces east and get to my hotel check and find out the TB came from the east coast and is trying to reach the west coast... and I've just taken it almost back to the east coast... If only I had of had that TB data in my PDA.... If a TB if not in a cache but is listed as being there then it is part of the responsibility of the cache owner to remove that TB from the cache and put it into limbo until it shows up again. So anyways, I apologize but I must say I totally disagree with your entire statement and well probably no need for me to even post this at all.. lol At any rate... Original post I would still appreciate some chatter and opinions on.. Thanks.. ps. I hope I didn't and do not intend to insult you jholly.. it's late and not enough posts on the forums to keep me busy I guess. so somewhat rambling cheers, wrtiii
  18. Great to know, Thanks. I was just looking at Ram Mounts for my 60csx today. Although the windshield is too far for my liking for the suction mount and well no real place on the crappy GM cars to secure the dash mount style.. So was looking into see if there was like a vent mount type option.. Short of that I think I am just going to purchase one of the little CB Radio Mic Mount brackets and screw that to the dash and the little round nub on the back of the gps should slide in and out of it quite easily.. only problem will be having the gps in front of a heater vent during winter months maybe? although that could be a bonus maybe.. 200 Cavalier LS is the vehicle.. Any thoughts.. Thank for the feedback on ram mounts BTW. Cheers, wrtiii
  19. So started using Cachemate tonight.. Pretty nifty, On the Fly I can sort caches by which ones have TB's or Coins or not. Problem is...I get no info on what the TB is... The name of it, or what it's goals are... I try and log using cachemate that I found a TB while standing at the cache and it's asks me for Ref # Ser # and TB Name.. and won't proceed unless I input all 3? Would be nice if PQ's included information on the TB's Included within the caches returned... maybe that could be a future added option. and because it would be a more extensive search and return you could be limited to 1 per day? or week? And it could return all TB info in a 3rd file type? and someone could write an addition program for cachemate that is a database of TB's Now GSAK could be a database for GC's and TB's Now I can sort the 1000 TB's I have in my database by ones I have handled, ones I am watching, ones I currently have, Ones I want to help along. Now on the trail when I find a TB I can check my PDA and see that he wants to go east and realize that I am going to be going West and this way I don't take the TB in the wrong direction by 20 miles before I check and realize the problem.. Anyone thought of something like this before? Anything like this in the works? Anyone come up with their own homebrew solution? What is paperless caching anyway when you still have to carry papers for Travelbug info.... Bill
  20. I'd say 75% of the time I go caching w/ my gf Sas3999 I recently told her she should start her own account.. kinda hard to have a shared one.. I started caching before her... She went to PEI on a trip without me and found a few while she was there... I've been to the most northern cache in the world and she hasn't... Makes sense to keep separate accounts. As far as logs go... Well It does seem to get kinda redundant adding Found w/ Sas 3999 or in her case Found w/ wrtiii To the tail end of every single find we log... but on the other hand it's nice to show we were there together... Do we create a third account for us as a couple? (I know some ppl makes their pets acconts even..) 3rd account seems like just more of a pain.. now we gotta log finds in 3 places.. So is there a way to add a permanent signatures or tagline to all cache logs? Or does anyone have any suggestions? Must be some others in a similar situation.. What do you do? Thanx, Bill
  21. What would an example of those 4 PQ's be? So far I have only really run "Run Once Delete After" type ones What do you mean %drop2 and %smart? shortened versions of the GC#? I don't follow please explain? It definatly is a pain typing out the GC number into the 60csx... I really find the directional rocker button to be quite finicky.. wish I had of seen that as a Con on my reviews of it.. Move them to a different folder?? I imagine this is just another method of manually doing it.. sorta like what I have been doing now except I have never logged any finds into GSAK and I load my tracks into mapsource from the GPS and then just follow along my tracks for the day and manually input each cache as I get to it. Then I delete all my waypoints from my gps and clear the tracks in prep for next time I will be going out.. So I guess I wanna try and make the manually method of inputting them easier.. I mean why spend the time on the trail typing notes into the pda if you gotta just type them out again when you get home.. my memory is not so bad that I would forget what I did thoughout the day.. Bill
  22. I think most people just kinda wing it.. .402 .403 .404 .406 .407 .408 Well Hey Looks like .405 is right in the middle lets go with that... There are lots of ways to find an average... What was it agian? means, medians and modes? Or you could try reading this if you want.. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/583576/...gps-coordinates I deal with calibrating final approach radar systems in my trade and it seems to be a bit easier than doing gps averaging calculations on the trail just my 2 cents, ciao.
  23. I used Kijiji I found a Palm IIIxe which I had one hell of a time getting to work on 64bit Windows 7 for $20. I actually like that one because it has a hard cover and is quite simple. Although I am a kijiji junkie and found a Dell Axim X3 for $20 3 days later. So now the GF has the Palm and I am using the color Axim.. she's mad cause I have bejewelled on mine and she doesn't have any games... Anyone know where to find games for a IIIxe Palm? haha I have not even looked yet... Anyways yea... I know I've done the paper thing a couple times and well it sucked.. If you are using paper.. Try to print doublesided if possible.. And well although I am finding the PDA a pain as well in a lot of ways It takes a little getting used to I think and it's a bit of a pain.. but I know the GF gets more anxious water for me to type out a note on the pda about the cache and thinks it's just a pointless waste of time and waste of money on them.. But then again only times she has geocached is with me. First time was with a buddy who had a gps and I brought my laptop and a AC Inverter in the car and we stole wireless signal from whereever we could find it. Next time was with me and I had picked one single specfic cache that was alone out route I wanted to hit up and lately has been with me with the pda which she doesn't understand So in otherwords she has never been paper caching.. funny thing is though when we get to a cache she won't truly look for it and gets kinda grumpy if I won't immediatly tell her if it's a micro or small or large cache and read the blurb on it etc. I think one day I may just claim my pda batteries died and take her to a couple gps coords blindly to find a cache and maybe claim the pda has bigger problems (cold solder?) that I need to repair and print out info for lik 10 caches on paper and make her carry it all and deal with it. Point is.. If you've cache with paper before, You will appreciate a $10-$50 dollar PDA even if you have no idea what your doing with it still.. Bill
  24. I am not sure I understand.. ARe waypoints and POI's different? It seems to me anything that is preceeded with a GC shows up in the Geocache page of the 60csx. Even if I mark a waypoint and call it GCabc123 then it will show up as a not found cache. But If I use GSAK to create a GPX file with 10 000 caches and then load that into mapsource and transfer to GPS what would happen? I have a 2gb card in my 60.. Does everything automatically go onto the card or does the gps have it's own internal storage as well? Also how large of a card can the 60csx handle? Can I put a 32GB Micro SD Card in it?
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