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Very simple unit


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Hi Peter, the Garmin eTrex H is a cheap and cheerful unit with a high sensitivity antenna for good reception in the bush and forest.


Be aware though that it does not come with cables and uses the old serial format so if you want to connect it to your computer you'll need a data cable (about US$10) and maybe a serial to USB adapter cable (also about US$10) - if cables are required there are many suppliers - RnR are good and the flat style plug is more convenient than the Garmin and Gilsson block styles.

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Just about any handheld (non-auto) GPS will do this, but entering coordinates by hand is fraught with opportunity for error. I strongly suggest a unit with a USB cable. The eTrex Venture HC, the next model up from the eTrex H, has it.


I second this suggestion, and the difference in cost is about what you would have to pay to get the serial cable and usb adapter. For that additional cost, you also get MapSource and a base map (very simple), more functions and a unit that is a little easier to use.

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What GPS unit am I looking for, if I ONLY want VERY simple functions:


shows current coordinates

shows direction to destination coordinates (eg compass arrow)

The thing I like about my Android G1 is that only does exactly what you said. No slow response to filter position errors for an odometer or speedometer. You might consider a cell phone, but you might want to add maps to your list, which requires a cell phone contract.
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