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Interstate Bridge Disk Question..


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There are 3 interstate bridges near my home. I have found disks on 2 of them but they don't look like benchmark disks. They dispaly a year (1962) and one displays JS4 and the other JS6. Are these benchmark/survet disks or just a monument on when the bridge was completed?



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This is only a game, and we don't want any benchmarkers to get hurt. I'd think twice about crawling around an interestate just to find some crummy disk, not unless you've got an orange vest, hardhat, flares, cones and other miscellaneous safety gear out the wazoo. It just ain't worth it.

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I've logged 2 markers on bridges of major highways. In both cases I was able to approach the benchmark from below the bridge. I've passed up on several more interstate bridges because the only way for me to approach would be along the highway. I'd rather not find the disk than risk an accident by stopping and walking along the highway.


Now as to the original question in this thread, they are most likely survey disks for the state DOT or some such agency. State agencies like that tend to have a network of survey markers that may or may not be part of the NGS database. You most likely found those markers.


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