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Azimuth mark?

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I don't have a GPS (yet!), but I used to hunt BMs with my best friend as a kid. I just found and posted my first one as a Geocacher. The description includes a reference to an Azimuth mark about 1/2 mile from the survey disk. I looked for it but couldn't find it. What is an azimuth mark? Should I be able to find something?

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An azimuth mark is usually another marker just like the station marker itself, although it can be an object. The purpose of the azimuth mark is angular orientation. When a surveyor sets up his instrument on the station marker, he needs first to observe a point in a known direction, in order to have a frame of reference for the angles he will subsequently turn from the station. The azimuth mark serves this purpose, so when he points his instrument to it, he then knows the exact direction in which he is looking. The true direction from the station to the azimuth mark is given in the published data. Unfortunately, most azimuth marks were set very close to roads for convenience. As a result, many, perhaps most, have been destroyed during road improvement projects.

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