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This might be tricky, but it would be nice if the descriptive text were encrypted, or were in some other way hidden. I just looked up a disk location near me, and knew exactly where to find it, no GPS needed.


Also, I'm glad to see that the degree symbol (°) has been removed on the marker pages. Street Atlas isn't smart enough to ignore these, so I always had to delete them when cutting and pasting a location into SA. I would like to see the same done for the main cache pages.



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Just found our first......Then tried to push Fearless to go for another.....The first we walk on top of....Got to within 4.25 feet....so cool to be that accurate! The second didn't have much of a description and we really didn't want to walk the runway icon_eek.gif So drove a bit and found another way in. I also found a cave...rilght in front of me...If I'de have been much thinner I'de have slipped in!!


Got to within 425 feet when fearless said we had to turn back cause the sitter's time was over. Then he comes home and asks me if I want to walk around the block!!! Urg.....power walking would have taken us to the benchmark in time......


Oh well the best thing about these bench marks is they are close!!! Now I can "geocache" on my lunch hour! Otherwise it is an hour to any cache near us!




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I Found two today On both less than a mile from my house bike in about 15 min just from the dicription and after reading through sevral of them it looks like you could do this with most of them. I agree it would be nice to have the desription encripted.


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