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Some of my earlier attempts at benchmark hunting didn't turn out so well. I posted a load of questions, and finally have myself situated where my success rate has shot up.


Today, I found four benchmarks, and each with little or no difficulty. I got myself a 100 foot tape measure, and ignore the coordinates given in the datasheet. Just using the landmarks and distances given has proved to me extremely successful. Sometimes, I need to scribe an imaginary arc, because my sense of direction doesn't seem to be too keen (NNW? ENE?). My compass helped a bit, but I am still learning how to use it. I wonder if an electronic compass would be of assistance?



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There are lots of pages on the web on how to use a compass. Here is one. It's not necessarily the best, just one of the first that popped up in google, and it seems pretty straightforward.


Your local library probably has a boy scout manual, orienteering book or similar. And maybe your compass came with some instructions, if you still have it.


As you practice, it's always good to start out in an area where you know which way is north; that way you have a reality check.

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Another excellent resource for getting help with maps and compasses would be your local orienteering club. At most O-meets, there's a "beginner's clinic" where the basics are taught to any newcomers. Even if there's not a formal class offered, orienteers are just as enthusiastic about promoting their sport as geocachers, so finding an orienteer at a meet to help you learn compass skills would be easy. And while you're at it, explain geocaching to them, and we'll end up with more cachers, too. Check out the US Orienteering Federation for links to clubs in the US, or the International Orienteering Federation for clubs in other countries.



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