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woodland trust "walk in" description question


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Hi, I'm new to this so please be gentle!


I am interested in placing a cache at a woodland trust site close to my home. I have downloaded the application form and taken co-ordinates, from the area where I would like to place it. However I am unsure what I should be putting where it says "walk-in" description using features identifiable from the 1:50,000 OS map.

I had intended to describe the area where I intend to place the cache, e.g. on the right hand perimetre of the wood approxinately 66ft in where there is an area of rubble/bricks covered in moss, but this doesn't contain any info from the OS map.

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When I placed my first cache (GCX78J) which was one of the first caches placed under the agreement, I had the same issue - the OS map is next to useless for that purpose. So I did exactly what you plan on doing and gave clear directions from a defined spot. basically, I gave a grid ref & coordinates of the start of an unofficial path through the woods and gave distances and landmarks to the inal location.


Good luck!

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