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How do I reset my gps map 60c


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I forgot how to clear my gps . What buttons to hold down? thanks

And for all the others, who found this topic via the search-function:


Secret Startup commands for Garmin units.


I recommend a backup of all the tracks, waypoints, routes before attempting a hard reset. Use EasyGPS!



I wouldn't recommend backing up with anything except MapSource. There are a lot of settings that programs like EasyGPS will ignore, and will therefore not be restored. Waypoint proximty alarms are just one example. Your best bet to get everything backed up is Garmin's own software.


You should also write down any customizations you've made. If you've changed the order of the screens, or moved any in or out of the main rotation, note that down. Track up / North up, your data fields, etc. In some cases, you might use screen captures, using xImage. It will make life easier when it's time to put everything back the way you're used to.

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